Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chanel Ads I Like

Here's Carole. The Perfect Brand Ambassador.
 And her hair is perfection

I really want that charm bracelet.


  1. Oh MY GOD - I was OBSESSED with Carole back in the late 80's early 90's. I modelled my look on her (fairly unsuccessfully. The clothes were a bit of a problem. I sourced mine from the Myer Miss Shop, she sourced hers direct from Karl).

  2. Dear FF,
    This is the epitome of Chanel, not like that johnny come lately Brad Pit.
    As a fellow brunette Carole and I have a lot in common, lol. What's not to love, the hair, the dres in the 2nd ad. I had a similar dress - was very Demi Moore Indecent Proposal style - love a crossover strap.
    Oh the charm bracelet - it's magnifique.
    Can I ask Santa for a bottle that size?
    B. x

  3. That is a pretty glorious charm bracelet - just screams 1985. I had a stirling silver one back in the good old days, my nanna used to load it up with dingle dongles at every opportunity, I thought I was christmas on a stick.....

    Loving that you are going to commit to 1000 posts for the blogs bday - your dedication kinows no bounds and that is why your readers love you!

    xx Megluvx4

  4. Carole is my favourite No 5 person! You want to be Catherine, I want to be Carole.

  5. i remember those ads! i LOVED them...and fell in love with that bracelet too. And of course the bottle...that particular ad started a long love affair with Chanel perfumes. I wonder how many young girls will say that about the Brad Pitt adds in 30 years time!

  6. FF,
    Yes to that bracelet. My godmother started a charm bracelet for me in 1967. My family added to it through the years. When I had my kids in the 90's, I saved baby food jar labels and got the cutest charms with their birthdays engraved from the Gerber people. Love that bracelet!

  7. FF I just love the Nicole Kidman Advertisement for Chanel No. 5. It's on youtube and sometimes I just like to watch it because it's such a fairytale and I love a good fairytale. Best ever.

  8. Carole Bouquet was perfection, and a bond girl too! JaneS

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