Monday, November 12, 2012

Chanel No 5

 I'm no Expert but surely this is a more attractive ad than that Brad Pitt one?
Catherine looks fantastic. And how good is her 'do?
 Anyway, this was me today in case you need a visual:
 Bags used to be Safe around here. Ha! Those Days are Over.
No Bag is Safe.
 Went to lunch with my Entourage
 Had Vietnamese at West End. 
 And in Happy News my outnet parcel arrived at chambers. Goody. Got this See by Chloe frock. It was down to $65! 
This dress- It's pink and orange and navy. Do we have a necklace that would suit?
See you tomorrow as planned. Will workshop it then.
 Got these Liberty print shorts too. I luff Liberty. So pretty for summer.

She is Gorgeous. And a much better choice than Brad.
I finally saw Argo- I give it 5 stars. I was tense through out and thought it was excellent. The movie producer has all the best lines and Ben Affleck didn't annoy me at all. Run Don't Walk because it's very good.
Blog turns 3 in less than a month.
'Citing. This was my 900th post and I'd like to do the 1000th on the 9th of December. Which means 100 posts in less than a month.
I'm up for it.


  1. How good was Argo?!!! I loved it! Love the new frock! Trang? My favourite.
    A-M xx

  2. I have to watch Argo.

    In recent news, today I started riding my bike to work (hair managing ok, but when you don't blowdry ppl have low expectations). I'm exhausted. But I made it home alive.

    Re liberty print: my Niece has a liberty print sun hat and her favorite grandma (my mum) made her a liberty print party dress to wear to a wedding. She was the best dressed. She is so far holding up her end of the bargain re Liberty Print and whipping it out where possible.

  3. Hello I hope you are patronising Quan Thanh restaurant in West end. They hand make the dim sims ( amongst other delights)...they are addictive. Regards

  4. Check out Clive James' comment about the ad

    nice work on the dress - a veritable steal.

  5. 100 posts less than a month!! This has the feel of 'Around the World in 80 Days' to me. The cool, calm and composed British David Niven version of course.

  6. 100 posts in Less Than A Month:
    a) you're a machine! & b) what a treat for us!!

    It's sunny here in Melbourne, I'm taking my wine out to the vegie garden: what a great end to the day!

    P xx

  7. Ciao and Congratulations/Complimenti for Your 900th Posts!
    Yes,Catherine looks Great...Charming, seems that in the firts ad. SHE says: I'm the Boss!
    what about?
    Ciao, Best

  8. You can do it FF. Can't believe it has been 3 years. Your blog gives such a lot of pleasure to so many loyal peeps!

  9. Awwww. Your little boy I such a cutie!!!

    I've stopped carrying my designer bags when I know I will be with my niece or nephews. I am way too precious *shy*

    MrB's nephew stained his top last night because he was eating cherries. I am a bit upset :(

    That's MrB's top by the way that was stained.


  10. Your lunch dates look quite handsome - lucky you! I think Liberty cottons are the best. Silky soft and lovely prints.

  11. 100 posts in less than a month = best news ever! Your Glamour and Way With Words never fail to brighten my day. x

  12. Ooh I want to see Argo. You have now convinced me to do it.

  13. Reading all the comments about the Chanel ad has been entertaining. As we rarely watch commercial TV I had to investigate the ad via YouTube.
    At first I thought 'oh darling Brad what have you done' but after viewing a few times I think I cottoned on. My thoughts were confirmed after reading different opinions from fashion insiders who think Chanel are going to be laughing all the way to the bank on the strength of these ads (there will be more Brad ads). After all everyone is talking about it...will it translate to sales?
    Nevertheless as no 5 is my signature scent and I have loved old Brad since Legends of the Fall, I simply must stand by him through these tumultuous times.
    The new frock looks very cheering and lovely, just what I'm channeling these days as well as sequins. Can you believe it...I simply don't know myself anymore.

  14. Loved Argo too. Thought the 70's kit was all excellent. I am a big Liberty fan but haven't sported it in many years. I'm off to check out the shorts now - they could work in these tropical conditions. Jx

  15. What a beautiful shade of pink lipstick you are wearing - one of the nicest I've seen!

    Erina x

  16. Love the bed spread - where'd you get it?

  17. Dear FF,
    Could you please tell me how I can check the price in au$ on the outnet?
    Is there a conversion button I haven't found?Thanks.

  18. 900 posts in 3 years! You are incredibly prolific and creative.Hope you manage 1000 by the 9th. I am such a slacker and hanging my head in shame. Love your shorts and bargain of the year dress.

  19. I love that new frock what a steal!!! Wow. I'm heading over to the outnet quick smart.

    I'm hoping like hell you do 100 posts before the birthday. I never get tired of reading, always have a giggle and often end up buying your endorsed products.

  20. Dear FF - you are a veritable Blog Machine! You would be so proud of my recent decluttering efforts-redistributing preloved goods to Salvos, Vinnies & Lifeline. I have made a monumental decision - I HAVE ENOUGH! Thats's not to say I may not make a wee concession to Trends in the future (can never have too much leopard print, shoes etc), but for the time being I like to astonish my co-workers (who very kindly compliment me)with the comment - you'll never guess how long I've had this skirt/top/scarf/bag etc! Keep Up The Good Work (& never be afraid of capitalisation!). Your capsule nuclear family is Truly The Bomb - roll on Xmas!!

  21. Love the Liberty print shorts. Miss G (who is now running) has a top in the same print. I see a rendezevous in your future...

    Bags have not been safe here for ages. I give up carrying anything remotely scary. Bag fossicking also keeps her busy when we are out. Winner winner chicken dinner.

    K xx

  22. No doubt about it, Catherine's hair is glam.....much nicer than Brad's. I love Liberty too yet spend most of my time dressing my girls in it rather than myself.....except for a Liberty bikini I bought years ago at Jigsaw. Congrats on 900! Rx

  23. Your lunch looks fab. Which venue do you and the Entourage recommend for Vietnamese?

  24. Dear FF,
    Catherine D was the epitome of style and class with a twist of french disinterest.
    Baby FF is now onto the trail of find and loss. The mini men would also go through things and loose them never to be found again.
    Loving the new purchases, you receive an 11/10 in shopping, I'm sure theirs a necklace in that from the Red Phoenix goddesses.
    As a member if your blog support crew I will encourage and support you through this 100 + post quota and it will be done - you have the skills.
    B. x

  25. Am very much looking forward to the coming 100 posts - I enjoy them immensely. :)

  26. Yes, FF, that's the 70's ad I was referring to, or was it the 60's? She spoke in the TV ads. Her voice was intoxicating...and look at that face - that ad would work today. Timeless.

    I'm with you on the 100 blog posts, amazing as that sounds.

  27. Just saw the ad again on the telly - I don't know how anyone can take it seriously!

  28. The send ups of the ad are the funniest; Catherine is the best face of the brand, by far.

    Crafting up some mittens for the little kids of the family.

  29. More Chanel No. 5 news from yesterday's Sunday Times, turns out it contains something called tree moss. The boffins at the EU have decided it is an allergen and are thinking of banning it as an ingredient. Haven't they anything better to do (eurozone crisis cough cough) - it's not like Chanel are putting peanuts in their perfumes is it? Where will it all end?

  30. Finally I saw the Brad Pitt ad thanks to you!
    it's rather strange to see him next to Chanel No.5. I'm not sure what demographic the company is aiming for?

    Do like that Chloe pattern and Liberty is always fresh and crisp.

    My blog will be 3 on November 29th...what is your date?
    100 posts is a lofty goal, but if anyone can do it it will be you FF!
    I'll be glued to the screen...

  31. Catherine is so much chicer than Brad - who just looks wrong. Saw another 70s Chanel ad recently where she has her hair slicked back & looks like Bowie. Brilliant.

  32. Yay! 100 FF posts in a month, lucky us!! It's for The Greater Good, FF, go for it!

  33. Go for it FF!! I just blinked and missed three posts I think. Better get my skates on to catch up!

  34. That Vietnamese looks suspiciously like Huong's - the one on top of the Vietnamese bakery. I seriously love that place!


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