Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chanel No 5

 I don't care what the Global Marketing Manager in charge of Fragrance at Chanel thinks. 
These are better ads than the ones with Brad Pitt. I covet Catherine's hair and blue eye shadow. And I'd quite like her blue cashmere jumper and that brooch arrangement too. More to the point, these images  actually make me want to slap on some Chanel No 5.

I think if I could look like anyone it might be Catherine circa 1973. 
What about you?
In happy news I have wrenched the OPI Don't Beets Me off my paws and replaced it with A Good Mandarin  is Hard to Find. I know. I'm relieved too.


  1. She looks fabulous, youthful, fresh and very healthy.
    Dare I say sexy?

  2. I liked how her hair was almost the same color as the perfume. I have always felt that you channel a young, Australian Catherine, if she were improved by the addition of Sparkle.

  3. Absolutely!
    Chanel have gone off the rails big time with Bad Brad. I think the technical term is 'Lost the plot'.
    And they're up the creek with the mossy ingredients for No. 5 too!
    Kaiser Karl won't be wearing his purple party jacket any time soon.

  4. Positively prolific posting. Looking forward to thrice daily doses of FF!

  5. I agree with beryl. If you were to edit those ads and only have from mouth/chin down we might think FF has replaced Brad

  6. Catherine was a great spokesperson for Chanel, and so was Audrey Tautou in recent ads. I'm completely perplexed by the Brad Pitt commercials. Chanel No. 5 is all being an elegant, soignée woman, and Brad's scruffiness does not bring any of that to mind, to say the least!

    If I could look like anyone, it would be Gene Tierney circa 1945. She was stunning!

  7. Totally perplexed by the Brad ads. Is the idea that if you wear Chanel No 5 you also get Brad thrown in for free??? Or at least a Brad look alike? If so, I am barleeze as Brad leaves me a bit cold these days. Plus I reckon Ange could get a bit stroppy.

    However if I could pop on some Chanel No 5 and look like Catherine Deneuve (although a brunette version) then it becomes a different proposition.

    Not sure who I would choose to look like. When I was younger people used to tell me I looked like Geena Davis. Not so much now.....!!

    You are doing very well on the 100 posts in 30 days. I will try and make stacks of comments to reward such a huge effort. (Although you get stacks of comments anyway so probs don't need mine too.)

  8. i think this is an example of a young 20 something uber cool ad exec wanting to just put Brad Pitt in an ad..... bears no relation to the product. Bring back Catherine - or even old Nic quite frankly.

  9. I liked the Chanel advert with our Nicole. What do you think? Brad Pitt - no!

    V x

  10. I thought Chanel no.5 echoed sophistication, elegance and class .... And how brad fits into this is totally lost to me .Always loved Catherine though :)

  11. Catherine D is so gorgeous. If you're lucky and wandering around Paris' Square St. Sulpice at the right time you can often see her. Her apartment is right above it. I loved her costumes in Belle de Jour. Perhaps more than the plot.

    i always loved Carole Bouquet too. Clearly Gerard Depardieu did as well.

  12. Catherine D is so gorgeous. If you're lucky and wandering around Paris' Square St. Sulpice at the right time you can often see her there. Her apartment is right above it. I loved her costumes in Belle de Jour. Perhaps more than the plot.

    i always loved Carole Bouquet too. Her ads for Chanel were the epitome of sophistication. Clearly Gerard Depardieu adored them as well.

  13. Ooh excellent question- Stevie Nicks circa 1976 or Grace Kelly, at well, any age really but gosh wasn't she especially glorious on her wedding day. Poor thing, she was only 52 when she died. I was only young but remember it quite clearly, she seemed so old then...

  14. agree! can't stand those brad pitt ads!

  15. Dear FF,
    gosh you are a busy bee but if anyone can reach this milestone you can.
    I adore Catherine D. My favourite quote of hers is when someone asked her about ageing and she uttered these immortal words "You chose the arse or the face."
    Now obviously this was in the days of pre fillers and shrunken faces if you choose to diet and ole Catherine chose to look divine and to hell with the skinny arse!
    Now (apparently) you can chose to be skinny and get the plumpness injected back into the face. Not my thing but an option.
    Anyhoo she is the epitome of the magic of Chanel No 5 not slightly fetal Brad (crosses self FF 2012).

  16. Oops faux I meant to put it here I went to school with a girl called Siobhan who reminded me of Princes Caroline totally beautiful and not fair and blonde like me

  17. Read Faux Fuschia this morning and took my inspiration from Catherine Deneuve. Washed my hair (blonde) and blew it dry. Used a mist of Chanel No.5 all over the body. Made up eyes with smoky grey/blue, have dressed in blue shirt, blue cashmere jumper (Tassie is cooler than FF's location) and yet STILL don't seem to channel Catherine effectively. Never mind, fun trying. Thanks FF.

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