Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drought and Shade Tolerant Stalwarts.

 People always tell me how much they dislike cordylines and bromeliads but what else am I supposed to grow in Old Testament Gardening Conditions that involve 100% shade and hardcore drought?
 Varmints hardly touch them and when nothing else is flowering they do add a nice bit of colour.

I 'spose there are always cliveas but they're so slow growing and 'spensive to buy. Plus they only bloom once a year.
Any suggestions?


  1. Who are these people you speak of who hate cordylines and bromeliads!!??

  2. Cordylines and bromeliads are very practical in this country. Australia is not an English country garden unfortunately. I think people winge and complain too much. #just sayin Am enjoying this blog marathon of yours. Whenever I log on, there seems to be a new post on FF! Mx

  3. Dear FF,
    You are doing 11/10 with the conditions you are given. In my front yard I have cliveas and hippiastrums but they were here when we arrived 10 yrs ago. I've added standard roses and ground cover camillea's - slow to grow but beautiful. Our issue here tends to be too much sun, it's either one or the other isn't it. I like to search the neighbourhood to see what's working around here - may help.
    B. x

  4. Don't go crazy at me but as I type there are gardeners here and yes they are ripping out bromeliads. Not that I don't love them, there is just so many of them its beyond a joke.

  5. I have cordylines, bromeliads and cliveas in a big patch of dry shade. The patch is sooo big that I need something else. Option 42 is ivy and creeping fig. I thought maybe I could smother everything in green as the glare of bare soil is hurting my eyes.

  6. I bought my first cordyline on the weekend, based on your glowing reviews of their hardiness. Also a yucca, which Flower Power assures me will 'thrive on neglect'. It better. Here's to my balcony garden becoming as bloomtastic (or even as alive) as the FF garden!!

  7. FF,
    My green thumb is actually black, so I can't really give any good advice.

    My husband grew up on a dairy farm, and he can grow anything. Our little garden was lovely this year, until the Frankenstorm blew it away.

  8. I have loved Bromeliads since I saw my first one in a Botanical Garden in San Francisco. I am jealous that you are able to get them to grow, but not jealous of your bush turkeys. They have such an evil look in their eyes.

  9. As another Brisbane girl in a very difficult garden situation, I am enjoying many different shades of geraniums and pelargoniums that are growing and blooming from cuttings I've just stuck into the dirt. By the way, I've heard that ash deters the bush turkeys.


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