Thursday, November 15, 2012

DVF Dress

I'm not buying this dress from the outnet, what with the uncertain times ahead at the Coalface and all, but Someone should. Because it's Silk. And Nice. And Discounted.


  1. Oh FF, I hate to think you are dealing with the horribleness that is our present government in Qld ( my words not yours). I lived through many a re-structure but not ones with the forced redundancies & staff annihilations that are presently occurring.
    While I think you could find another pathway, I understand you've probably invested so much of your life in this work that it would be a huge emotional if not financial wrench.
    Take care.

  2. I've got about three of these dresses in my 'shopping basket' on the Outnet. I'm trying to engage in virtual shopping only to curb my habit but The Outnet keep emailing to remind me to checkout. And now you've done a post on one!

    Every day I am faced with such a barrage of temptation..

  3. Yes the definition of an optimist these days, is buying new work clothes.

  4. Dear FF,
    Love the dress. Here we are looking down the barrel of Christmas and school holidays so I need to pass. I'm sure it will go to a happy home.
    B. x

  5. Dear Ms FF, I do hope that the Queensland Government calms down and gets to work and quits this redundancy palaver. It has gone on for long enough - people need to make positive plans as opposed to taking out insurance for when the bottom drops out. I really hope that you can have a Christmas free from worry, dear Ms FF. Thinking of you. love Lindaxxx


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