Friday, November 16, 2012

Fabulous Things.

 The sound of my Son's Voice. And everything else about him.
 Hunter Wellies
 Poppy Seed pastries from the German Baker at the Farmer's Market
 Peking Duck
The Jubilee
 Family Holidays at the Beach. Love this snap of my Sister and my Nephew.
This is not a Definitive List. I have about 100 more things to add.
Which I will do if I ever get well again.


  1. agree & endore everything on this list (ok, I had to imagine your son's voice... what does he call you? mummy? mumma? My 5 year old neice has just spent 6 months in England: the way she now says Mummy: too cute!)
    I digress. Loving all these posts!
    P xx

  2. He calls me Muma.

    I luff hearing him say it.

    I also like it when he says my 1st name because it sound so cute

    1. He calls you Faux?!
      Only kidding, have a fab weekend!
      P xx

  3. Saw Elton John and he was wearing what can only be described as superior sequins (their sparkle was astounding!). I can only imagine the emotional connection you would have forged with his jacket!

  4. Dear FF,
    Isn't our children's voices the best. Just hearing them makes me smile. I'm sure baby FF is the cutest ever.
    My friends 2 yr old cant say Belinda, she calls me Bwindall, it's the best.
    What a list, I love reading people's favourites, it makes me smile.
    B. x

  5. Duck and Hoi Sin pancakes....AMAZING! FF, you should know I only got into brooches because of you...and now I wear so many of them that a middle aged male boss even commented the other day on my collection. Win.


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