Thursday, November 15, 2012


 There's a lovely purple agapanthus about to burst into flower in my front yard. Goody.
I always think purple looks good with orange
 I thought my Dad killed the day lilies in the Chainsaw Massacre prune. Turns out I was wrong.
Apparently it's going to rain this weekend. Fingers and Toes.


  1. Dear FF,
    I'm loving the agapanthus sick. I've got them surrounding our fence and with the annoying but beautiful jacarandas the street and house is pretty as a picture.
    I love orange and blue, you might want to take a gander at the country road shorts in orange, they are the bomb.
    Thank god the massacre did not kill everything in your garden,
    B. x

  2. Yes FF I wholeheartedly agree that orange and purple look great together. In disturbing news my mother rang me today to let me know that the dreaded schoolboys from across the road from where she lives have been into her front garden and beheaded all her aggies! I must admit I used to enjoy doing just that when I was a real whippersnapper.
    So sorry to her that you are sick again.

  3. rain? I know it is meant to be hot tomorrow, but did not hear anything else after that was said on the weather.

  4. More than rain predicted on weekend ... really severe thunderstorms for Brisvegas! Worst since 2008. Really hoping they don't eventuate!!!!!


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