Monday, November 19, 2012


 The only upside to all these scary and damaging storms is that hopefully the garden will be a bit greener. Goody. Fingers and Toes there'll be no more Hail.

Some of these pictures are not of Plants. Because it's my Blog and I make the Rules.

Hope no one's home car or garden got too damaged.


  1. A wise scientist/gardener once told me that electrical storms are fantastic for plants as they create a good nitrogen which means the plants go kaboom and grow and grow and grow. Watch and see!

  2. Excellent pics. My plants have been loving the rain. Unfortunately, so have the weeds!

  3. Ah, GREEN... Soothing, calming, healing, beautiful green - my number 1 favourite colour! Beautiful pics, thanks FF

  4. We got hail but thankfully got the car in the garage in the nick of time. So glad the tank is full again, hate using town water for the garden. L xx

  5. cos the rain was horizontal we got it all thru our downstairs windows- clearly not enough flashing around them so we will have to get the carpenter man in to whack on more of the aforesaid flashing. grrr! we filled up a one litre vase with the water coming in more than once. and they say this is going to be a "normal" summer re storms...heaven help us!

  6. FF,
    My favorite color is green. Loving all these blog posts. I know you'll make your numbers. Fantastic!

  7. Dear FF,
    As you know green is my signature colour so a post full of greenness is the absolute best.
    Those earrings are beyond 11/10.
    We have had some rain and I'm hoping it puts a smile on my plants dials.
    You know the very best thing about green, it goes with pink 11/10.
    B. x


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