Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum

It was my Mum's Birthday the other day! Happy Birthday Mum!
I love this photo of her from the 1960s. She had the Best Hair Ever. All that Volume and Shine.
Thank you for doing so much for Me and the Baby -You are the Best Grandmother ever.
We Love You.


  1. I want her shirt! Might be hard to track down though. ;) What a glamour - HB to her.

  2. Belated Birthday Greetings to your mum. Magnificent hair, I agree. She looks lovely and happy.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mother!

    If your sisters are like you...loyal, wise, funny, great cooks and most importantly wonderful mothers...she herself must have been the most wonderful mother!
    p.s. thank you for the Outnet tip.

  4. Fabulous photo of your mum. She does have good hair & an amazing smile (I think yours is quite similar, from what little I've seen of it?!)

  5. She clearly has as much style as her daughter. x

  6. Happy Birthday to the FF Mother (like the Queen Mother see?) hope you had a wonderful day with your lovely family xxx

  7. Whenever you post about your mother it is so evident that she is not only loved but also APPRECIATED! It is a wonderful tribute to her as a mother....and you as a daughter. Loving your blog.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mum! Mine was Friday, perhaps it was the same day?!

    A question for you, while we're on the subject of birthdays...I'm looking towards forty and I seem to be having a lot of anxiety lately about health problems in advancing years... Does this worry you ever, and how do you deal with it? Embarrassing to admit, but there you go.

  9. love her blouse and hair too. you are so lucky to have her.
    wish you were going...:(

  10. She does have the best hair - and a great smile. I'm glad she is there for your son.

  11. Your Mum rocked paisley! Best wishes to her.xx

  12. Dear FF,
    Happy happy birthday FF mum. A wonderful thing to have her in your families lives.
    I must say impressed with her hair 11/10. It is to be admired I'm telling you.
    Woke up this morning to the news that you were hit by more storms last night. Thumbs down to that I say. I hope the hail and storms did not cause you any issues.
    Have a great Monday.
    B. x

  13. Gorgeous Mum! Her top looks so much like the Karen Walker Swirly Dot print from the Sea Monsters Collection.

    K xx

  14. Happy Birthday Mummy FF! Hope she had a wonderful day L xx

  15. Dear FF

    Happy birthday to your Mum! Lovely idea to have a post special to her!
    Best wishes to you both, Pamela

  16. Happy birthday Mama FF.

    She does indeed have superior hair. You look so much like her.

    TDM xx


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