Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to any American Readers! I hope you have a lovely holiday. We don't really celebrate it here, but because I am nothing if not a Joiner, on Saturday night I will be roasting a turkey, whipping up some mashed potato and cranberry sauce, baking some sweet potatoes and actioning some beans. I'm making an apple pie with a lattice top for pudding. 
Stay calm- I'll blog the results.
Have Fun.


  1. Yeppers, I'm going to start doing it here next year, I like the concept of a celebration which centres around what we already have rather than what we're going to be bought.

  2. Thanks, FF. It's the Friday after Thanksgiving right now in my part of the world. I made Thanksgiving dinner for my family and my brother's family. He lost everything in the Frankenstorm. Second time in 12 months - he was wiped out during Hurricane Irene this time last year. Only moved back into his newly renovated home in March. It's hard to live near the beach, as lovely as it is.

  3. Dear FF,
    What's not to love, I'm thankfull for so very much in my life.
    Two of my boys celebrated with American friends last night, thoroughly enjoyed.
    Can't wait to see the FF meal, love food always.
    B. x

  4. I am excited about seeing your Thanksgiving feast. Since America - or before the trip - I'm all about American corn bread and large tex mex servings. I shall cook some thanksgiving style food at Xmas. Enjoy xx


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