Monday, November 19, 2012

Hermes Yellow Scarf.

I like this Hermes scarf. It fits in nicely with my current obsession with Yellow.


  1. Dear FF,
    I've always been weary of yellow with dark hair and my skin tones but have decided that ill jump in the ring and go for it. What's to loose I say.
    Love the Hermes.
    B. x

  2. Love that yellow Hermes 1000%! I've always had a bit of yellow in the wardrobe, whether in fashion or not. It brings the sunshine in.

  3. I bought that in blue! A dusty pale blue, love the colour, but it's unworn as yet as I'm not sure what to wear it with (& sadly, it's too warm for scarves)
    P xx

  4. Love it! Although I'm not really a fan of yellow colour but that yellow scarf is really something. It's eye catching. The yellow scarf will become one of the most popular ladies scarves available this 2013


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