Monday, November 19, 2012

Heston's Pudding- The Verdict.

 Tried this on Sunday night to calm my Storm addled nerves.
Loved it! Loved the clementine! Love even saying Clementine!
Mr FF said to buy more. Don't need too. Have 4 in the pantry ready to go.


  1. I love saying Clementine too! It's my baby's name!

  2. I love your preparation! I have this on my must get list next time we are in Coles.

  3. Is it like a cross between an orange/ almond cake and traditional Christmas pud? I'm very curious, but as I'm currently eating my body weight in Panetonne I'm avoid more things to feel guilty about.... xx

    1. I loved this! So rich and delicious!

      Heidi, its not really like an almond or orange cake at all. Its a super dense and fruity traditional Xmas pud with the clementine hiding in the middle :-)

      Really keen to try the orange one. Will definitely be buying a couple for the Xmas break for me and the BF to scoff all by ourselves ;-)

  4. If only we had a Tesco's or Waitrose store here in Australia. I'd be there every week.

  5. Thank you for reporting back to us on this one FF - have been eyeing them off and wondering? Will buy now as I trust your judgement when it comes to good food!

  6. I just had the rest of my pudding for afternoon tea with some home made ice cream... I need to buy more.

    SSG xxx

  7. I have had two of the small puddings already! My husband mocked it ("they only put the clementine in there to save on pudding mix...") until he actually tried it! I have one of the big ones in the cupboard ready for the next time someone comes over! Or maybe we'll just eat it ourselves!

    Anna from Brizvegas

  8. I'll be picking up one of these - it looks delicious. His mince pies are lovely as well - very unusual, not really pies as such.

  9. I have two in my bag - excited to taste after all the hype!! May have to skip dinner and go straight to dessert! L xx

  10. I discovered Clementines a few weeks ago - divine!!

    V x

  11. Harper was *this* close to being called Clementine!

  12. did you serve the pud with cream/ice cream etc?

  13. Dear FF,
    Heston is the best. What's not to love about something that has his stamp. His TV show has big admirers in this house.
    B. x

  14. Clearly I need to hot foot it down to coles and get me some of these.


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