Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Important Concepts.

I would Never Ever Knowingly Under Accessorise.
Chipped Polish Revolts Me
I would Never Ever Knowingly Under Cushion (The Devil's Work)

I would Never Ever Knowingly Under Decorate a Tree and I do follow a Retail Christmas
Look how bald and tiny and immobile the Baby was last year:
 And I would Never Ever Knowingly Undercater. In my home, No One Goes Hungry

Have any of your own Important Concepts for me to Live By?


  1. My glass is always at least 'half full'. Especially on days that end in 'y'.

  2. Save the tastiest morsels for last.

  3. There can never be a lipstick that is too bright.

    Good manners hurt no-one..


  4. I would Never Ever Knowingly go without mascara, I Laugh often, I Love my Babies to the moon and back, and I Believe a little something Sweet each day is good for the soul.

  5. Near enough is good enough! A perfectionist I am not...

  6. Ii would never refuse a spankingly good looking pork belly like yours.xxx

  7. I believe in willing things to happen, it works so often!
    You can never, ever have too many lipsticks of nail polishes.
    Children that don't say please or thank you at tuckshop must be corrected (lucky for them it is only one day a month!
    Hug my daughter every day, lots, and tell her I love her. I still get kisses blown to me at school drop-off and she is 12 (fingers and toes it lasts longer!)
    I always wave when someone lets me into a lane whilst driving.
    I would never ever knowingly leave the home without something on my lips!
    I would never ever knowingly not fill up the rubbish bin on rubbish night as I am STILL decluttering :)

  8. I would never knowingly underpack a school lunch box, under decorate a birthday cake or under cheese a nibbles platter - FYI cheese is key to the world turning on its axis.

    My talents in the accessorising and cushioning departments leave a bit to be desired, but you and the RPE girls are helping me greatly in that area.

    x Megluvx4

  9. One must have at all times, in ones handbag, a pretty hanky or at the very least tissues.
    I do not leave home without sufficient supply of either. Ever.

  10. Darling you would LOVE the Philippines.... I'm here again for work at the moment, but back at end of August, start of September the christmas carols were already playing in the shops and christmas trees were up. Apparently Christmas commences at the start of the 'ber' months (September, October... etc etc) xx

  11. I would never ever knowingly under pet a dog.

  12. I would never ever knowingly fail to keep a spare bottle of champagne in the fridge.

  13. Dear FF,
    These important things were the thing that brought me to the blog in the beginning and I'm never leaving.
    These concepts are the staples of life - imagine one not wearing accessories - it's wrong on so many levels. And without cushions the mini men would have nothing to complain about. Nothing I tell you.
    B. x

  14. I would never knowingly under bleach although I feel you have this covered FF.

  15. Great concepts! Especially the catering one. I tire of people wanting to reduce the amount of food on offer at their parties, just because they had leftovers.


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