Thursday, November 15, 2012


Luff how Iris takes Accessorising and Decorating Seriously.
So Cheering during these Stressful and Fraught Times filled with Illness.


  1. Dear Ms FF, Was this extraordinary lady the one in the Bill Cunningham movie? Didn't she say, he would snap her and say something like: Thank God you're here as everyone else was so boringly dressed. I think he would snap you, Ms FF. Sorry to hear that people are sick in your house. love Lindaxxx

  2. Iris is a beautiful name too... It's my daughters middle name

  3. Iris is the sort of old lady I want to turn into.

  4. Dear FF,
    There so much to luff about Iris. She takes the cake with her style.
    Those glasses are the bomb and her accessorising is the best.
    There's a lot to learn from our older states women. Less is definitely not the best with our elder years.
    Sending best wishes for fast healing, it's the worst.
    B. x

  5. Whenever I see that shot of her house I think of my Mum saying "well I'm never going to be a minimalist, I'm a maximalist".


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