Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jan Constantine Cushions.

You know how I luff Jan Constantine cushions? Well V sent me this lovely photo which she found on a blog called Modern Country Lady. Aren't they gorgeous? If you look at the 3rd shelf down, in the middle, you can see a cushion I own, you know, the one with the British flag.
I love all the Christmas stockings too. There's just something so appealing and comforting about felt. And blanket stitch. And pom poms.


  1. I love all those cushions!!! Love Christmas and all the excitement that goes with it including the real reason for the season...

  2. Some how, some way you need to get the bebe one of those stockings for Christmas.

  3. Dear FF,
    Cushions are the finishing piece, like icing on the cake.
    Flag cushions are a favourite of mine and yours is fabulous.
    Thank you for the link.
    Hoping that the illness has gained legs and walked out.
    B. x

  4. FF,
    Like many other things, I never heard of Jan Constantine until reading your blog. I went on ebay and searched - and I was able to snag a book with 20 Jan Constantine projects to make. And being the Independent Craft Professional I am, I can't wait to get my book ($10.64US including shipping!) to make my own. First the nail polish and now Jan Constantine!


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