Thursday, November 15, 2012


 I luff a Baby at Tennis in a teeny little Tennis Knit.
Because it is Adorable.
Plus it reminds me of my cousin who gave it to me as a gift.


  1. If you run out of ideas before the magic 1000th might I suggest another Q&A session.

  2. Dear FF,
    What's not to love about this pic. Baby FF, Mr FF and quality clothing AT the tennis, it's an 11/10.
    Knitwear should never be underrated. I'm a far better crocheted than knitter but its a life long skill that needs to be encouraged.
    I remember hearing stories of in war time where funds were in short supply people would undo knitted garments and remake them in a different design as a Christmas gift, this is the stuff of legends, I luff this 11/10.
    I'm convinced you have more than enough ideas for the blog and we are here for every post, go girl.
    B. x


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