Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Everyone has a favourite part of London but mine's Marylebone. 
So close to Regents Park
And it has the Malene Birger Flagship shop
Here is a pregnant me in the Said Shop
The High Street has good pubs with good food
There's a lovely Jane Packer florist
There is a Fabulous Waitrose where the food is Unbelievably Cheap, like about half the price of Australian groceries!!! And the selection is amazing. My London friends tell me that Waitrose is "expensive". Ha! They would drop dead at the exorbitant costs of Australian groceries. 
I had a dodgy exchange rate and still found things cost so much less than they do here.
I think about that Waitrose fondly ALL the time.
Interestingly the cashiers are seated.
Ours here stand. 
I love the Paul's pastry shop. So handy for sourcing breakfast treats
I luff VV Rouleux so much too. It's a magical shoppe. I am old enough to remember when it used to be on the High Street.
You're handy to Harley St if you need a doctor (altho my sister says a lot of them have moved Elsewhere these days). I love all the red brick buildings and roof top gardens too.
Plus falling asleep to the clicky noise of the blacks cabs is deadset soothing.
And it does a very nice line in winter sunsets.


  1. I love Marylebone - I have been in that Waitrose! Love all the specialty shops there. Did you ever see the little shop that just sells buttons? Nothing but buttons, wonderful. In one of the side streets there's a good proper old Fish & Chips shop. Glory days!

  2. I am going to London in a few months. Can. Not. Wait. Last time I was there was over 10 years ago. I wonder how my perspective of it will change? Looking forward to cosy fires and cashmere scarves.

  3. Speed posting so I'll try and speed comment! Marylebone is good but my favourite part is The kings road chelsea. Wish I could whip over and spend a day there tomorrow...

  4. I love Marylebone. It is so popular now and in the last couple of years loads of developers have started converting commercial properties into flash townhouses. It is becoming Mayfair North!

  5. Luffing the cardie! I have just ventured into leopard (cheetah?)territory and bought a coat. I know! I don't do things by halves.

  6. Love the photo of Barbie and friend choosing their pastry. All the photos radiate happiness and good times.

  7. Love waitrose and love Paul's!!! I miss London too

  8. Ahhh, a trip down memory lane. I used to work and live in Marylebone about 10 years ago now and I still miss it dreadfully.

  9. Oh my God, how do you manage the price of food in Australia if you think Waitrose is cheap ? I think my favourite part of London is Bloomsbury because I spent the best years of my life there ..XX

  10. Agree. Marylebone High Street is v.g. Did you visit Daunt's Bookshoppe with the wonderful Edwardian fittings ?

  11. Just stayed there, at Firmdale's new Dorset Square Hotel. (Witty garden wallpaper; Potting Shed restaurant: You'd love it!) Was amazed to think I lived in London for 5 + years and never walked down Marylebone. You clearly know all the great places! Daunt travel bookshop was beautiful too. xx

  12. Just stayed there, at Firmdale's new Dorset Square Hotel. (Witty garden wallpaper; Potting Shed restaurant: You'd love it!) Was amazed to think I lived in London for 5 + years and never walked down Marylebone. You clearly know all the great places! Daunt bookshop was beautiful too. xx

  13. Just to show that Marylebone has something for everyone, the Marylebone Library used to have an original Sherlock Holmes manuscript, which is how I got my husband to book our hotel there.

  14. I agree! Last time Rob and I were in London we stayed with some friends who had a wonderful apartment in the Mews there. I LOVED it. Everything about it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane FF!

  15. Dear FF,
    Having never travelled to those parts of the world I can live vicariously through the posts.
    This looks like my kinda place.
    It covers all my loves - beautiful homes, florists, food, frock shops.
    I bet the whole place is 11/10.
    B. x

  16. I love this post! It makes me think about how fabulous London is and how much I still miss it! Waitrose home delivery was AMAZING and I miss high streets, I still can't deal with shopping centres. Did you ever go to the London Zoo in Regents Park? Xxx

  17. Hi FF

    I was thinking of you as I tripped about Marylebone last week. Unfortunately the ribbon shoppe was closed, being a Sunday, but I loved Divertmenti, a fab kitchen shop, and Fromagerie with an amazing cheese room, cafe and goumet goodies everywhere. And it was all just around the corner from my digs at The Langham. So spoilt!

    And I'm sure you would approve of my Hermes scarf souvenier from Harrods and celebratory lunch at Harvey Nicks afterwards. There was no end to the fanciness on this trip! Horray for high end work trips that don't feel like work!

    Susan x

  18. How fantastic.Woollies pales in comparison.

  19. Srsly heart Marylebone. My bro and sister in law used to have an amazing flat at the top of a Georgian building in Harley Street. Bliss. And a good friend of mine lives in a house we refer to as "The Embassy" in Devonshire Place, complete with its own mews house and Kate Hudson as a perpetually-renovating next-door neighbour. Not bad for a girl from the Vegas!

    Last time I was at that Waitrose I bought peonies for FOUR QUID A BUNCH. Srsly.

    Yes, the cashiers are seated there and there's a PYO (pack your own) groceries expectation. But for GBP140 for a family-of-four weekly shop -- as opposed to AUD300+ here in the Wide Brown Land -- am v happy to self-pack.


  20. I've never been to London, which is a terrible, terrible true fact about my life. I've book marked this post to inform the trip I've been planning for, oh, 30 years now. Someday!

  21. Aldi has seats for their cashiers. But yes, I could not get over how cheap groceries were in Europe - other than Denmark. The Danes pay more than we do.

  22. I was pregnant in London just before Christmas 2010 (was there for work). My absolute highlight was watching snow falling onto Jermyn Street from the Christmas department of Fornum & Mason. It was truly magical. Thankfully I escaped London on the second last flight out of Heathrow before they closed it due to the terrible snow storm that hit. Otherwise I would have missed Christmas back in Oz and would probably have spent it asleep on the floor of Terminal Two with all the other stranded travellers!

    Haven't spent much time in Marylebone but will check it out when next I am there. My favourite spot is Holland Park and surrounds, and Kensington Gardens, and Mayfair, and Knightsbridge, and Piccadilly... oh I love it all!!!


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