Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Memory Lane.

 The nice thing about a blog is you can always Trip the Light Fantastic Down Memory Lane and see what you were doing Back in the Day
you can see how much some people have grown too which is pretty exciting

 And you can admire your Dedication to the Concept of Matching
 It's one of the best parts about blogging.
Well that and the lovely people you meet along the way.


  1. I love that your Mr's both embrace colour.

    Hows that hands on head butt wiggle on the beach!

    x Megluvx4

  2. FF,
    This is a good reason to keep your blog going - you have a lovely place to see all of your history. I get nervous that with your extreme blogging you are going to burn out - please don't!

  3. Dear FF,
    Memories maketh our lives don't they. I know some people would be surprised but I was able to match four mini men, it's possible, I did it. How could I not - totally cute and worth it.
    Loving the memories, Mr FF and baby FF are seriously the bomb, and your hat - I bow down before the hat gods. I have acquired a new hat for summer 12/13 from Laura Ashley and its seriously going to be out and proud.
    Bring on the memories.
    B. x

  4. With all this extreme endurance blogging, I hope you are eating plenty of carbs.

  5. I like blogging because I can visit Australian Beaches without the 18 hours on a plane. I do love the matching.


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