Friday, November 23, 2012

My Fictitious Housekeeper Mrs Danvers.

Mrs Danvers is a fairly useless housekeeper (given her Fictitious status and all) but she absolutely excels when it comes to striking fear and insecurity into the heart of little Joan Fontaine. 
And she is the absolute Master of the Death Stare. No one's scarier. No One I tell you!
Say what you will about Old Danny, she's perfectly prepared to mess with your mind and remind you in detail how much more glamorous and interesting the1st Mrs de Winter was.
She'll criticise your taste and clothes and drive you to the edge of insanity. Just for Fun.
And she'll provide Visuals and Unflattering Comparisons. Just to make you feel worse.
If only she could use all that energy for Good not Evil.
Know anyone like Old Danny in Real Life?


  1. Dear FF,
    Oh the fear that she brings out. I'm shaking in my boots at her stare.
    I personally don't have staff, oh I wish it was a different case and I would stand attention to them and do as I was told, yes siree. Can you imagine the kind of household one would have with a litany of staff. The shine, the smooth running, the starch smell wafting! My head is spinning with anticipation.
    B. x

  2. Thank goodness I don't know any real Mrs Danvers' but I hear stories sometimes... Such a strange thing for someone to thrive on negative attention but I think there are a lot of people who don't really know how to find joy in the positive.

    I once spent a weekend on a houseboat with a small group of friends and we hired a fictitious housekeeper. It did no end of lifting the spirits just to pretend someone else was doing the dishes even when we had to do it ourselves.

  3. Yes yes yes ...... When I was a young girl of 23 I got what I thought was a great job my nice caring and maternal boss left and was replaced by a bitter mid life riddled Scotish woman who did not have one ounce of warmth and decided almost immediately that my life needed DRED. I cried daily hoping things would get better bit it didn't. I left heartbroken never sure what it was that I had done.

  4. Fortunately no! Although, occasionally, I wouldn't mind channeling her, and striking fear into the heart of some people.

  5. The senior mistress at high school!

    TDM x

  6. The Motherinlaw - nuff said

  7. Look - you can see my hand.

    Ps - my family watch Rebecca every Christmas. Home alone eat your heart out.

    Kathleen x

  8. Did you know the actress Judith Anderson who played Mrs D was Australian?

  9. When I was in primary school we had a cleaning lady who resigned because 'your daughters don't help you enough'.... Mum was so embarrassed and also annoyed. Mrs Danvers by stealth? Xx

  10. My ex mother-in-law (goes by Satan)


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