Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Met Old Lotus for Lunch the other Day. This was her:
Her necklace is featured in this month's In Style magazine paired with an Easton Pearson top!
 We had a nice trip down Necklace Memory Lane chatting about all the Red Phoenix necklaces I have luffed over the years.

 Look how teeny Nephew FF was at 6 weeks old!

When your Face is Collapsing, I say Distract the Eye with something Sparkly
This is post 912. Only 88 to go before 5 December when the blog turns 3.
Maybe I'll get bored and just give up.


  1. Don't get bored, we are not! Must get on the bandwagon and check out the necklaces. Love the twist look to a necklace. Have wisdom teeth issues here, need the colour and light to see me through. X

  2. Don't give up. You are a ray on sunshine and style in a day. I love seeing what's up with you always. Though I admit I hit a wall occasionally blogging too...


  3. One day I will get organised and purchase one of these Red Phoenix necklaces. but which one to choose? They are all so pretty, it's hard to decide! Mx

  4. Bored and Give up? FF that is not a phrase we associate with you!
    Love the Red Phoenix necklaces and as my face is collapsing and giving up, a bit of sparkle might be needed.
    Keep up the fabulous blogging!

  5. You are not allowed to get bored FF. You have a responsibility to your adoring public now...more please!

  6. Don't give up FF. We're here for you! xx

  7. Dear FF,
    Those girls are seriously talented and you being the house model is the best ever.
    The colours, the combinations, the sparkle - it covers all.
    Bring a sparkle to the coal face, it must improves things.
    88 posts are doable, we are here and we will comment every single time - we are committed to this 11/10.
    Who doesn't love a celebration and a blog birthday is highlight.
    Have a great day,
    B. x

  8. All those sparkles on Gilt today just screamed you, you, you, FF.
    Did anything appeal?

    Maybe a Q&A session again, in the ABC tradition, might supply some fresh post ideas!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Please keep power blogging. I am bordering on obsessed with you and your hilar. blog! I
    am forcing myself to go to High Tea today with my three week old baby boy as part of an intervention to stop stalking your blog! Sami x

  10. Don't give up! We're all cheering for you to get to 1000 posts by your 3rd blog birthday.

    Good for Lotus and her In Style feature!

    Keep up the good work, FF. You can do it!

  11. Love RPE necklaces and asked daughter to pick one out for a Christmas present from me to her. Quality and designs are excellent.

  12. Love the necklaces - I've been cirling the Gelato one for quite some time, I'll have to see what Santa says.

    I think you should call on your blog stalwarts for some guest posts - bring in the troops I say!


  13. Puff Puff. I'm out of breath keeping up with your prolific posting. Luff it though, don't stop!!!

    The RPE Crystals are Forever necklace is on my christmas wish list, its to die for. x

  14. Your necklaces are lovely! Thanks for the pictures.

  15. Please don't get bored! I am in HEAVEN xx

  16. Oooooooh, please don't get bored and give up the lovely posts - they are SOOOOO much fun! I had about five or six to read - what a treat!

    FF, your decolletage is absolutely bangin' (and I say that with an unblemished history of heterosexuality! ;-P ) Looking hot!

    I absolutely adore Lotus' wedding and engagement ring ensemble. Looks like some fine diamonds there.

    And, of course, the necklaces are fab. But you already knew that. xx

  17. I second that!
    Don't get bored, because we are not!...blogland would be very, very dull without you in it.

  18. Speaking of necklaces, have you read the latest copy of B Magazine? This blog and those necklaces get a mention, complete with visuals. Exciting!

  19. Do Not Stop Your Blog!.. I enjoy knowing what is going on in your part of the world with your comical spin!..Love how you phrase things I will miss Faux Fuschia.

  20. Loving so many posts from you ...... now i know where you get those blingy sometimes and most colourful necklaces you !!!

  21. bet you dont ! I see you as a woman with a mission

  22. Loving the extra posts. Necklaces are gorgeous, actioning a big chunky jewelled one myself today. Just received a beautiful bracelet from Florence from my friend. To quote you FF I luff it 11/10 Cheers Judy xx

  23. Hi FF, this is the first time I have made a comment, however, I have been reading since the beginning. Love your blog and your commitment to all things beautiful.

    I am enjoying all the extra posts, your readers love hearing from you everyday, don't get bored, we certainly won't.
    Cheers - Christine in Perth

  24. I Greatly Enjoy your capital letters. I find them Very Amusing. And I am beginning to tell people Walk Don't Run too.
    I have an idea for another blog post. Please tell us how you decorate your Christmas Tree so beautifully. Mine never looks like yours.

  25. Oh my goodness you are so dedicated! Go the 88! You are never lost for words. I so admire that quality in you. A-M xx

  26. FF no giving up please...I need to know what's going on down under, the price of food, politics, how quick polish chips etc etc my iPad would be very dull without you on it! Keep up the sparkle Darlink. Faithfully yours...South Coast Blights :) x

  27. Thank you so much FF for being our Number 1 supporter!! You always look amazing in our designs and it inspires us no end! Lots and lots of Love L xx

  28. If you keep writing them, we'll keep reading them. It's a deal!
    Anna from Brizvegas

  29. Your challenge is so funny, keep it up, you know you want to !xx

  30. It's a Tall Order - but if anyone can do it, you can!

  31. I don't know if it's been suggested, but perhaps you could carve up one post into three little ones. Just for just the interim. We won't mind.

  32. Oh, you've already done that kind of. Never mind.

  33. FF,
    I bought that necklace your nephew is wearing. I recently wore it to a christening party for my newest great neice. One of the young whippersnappers admired it on me - told her all about getting it from AU. Made me feel so stylish! I need another, maybe the white and clear...

  34. FF - I have only just discovered your blog and spent hours reading it (and now following on GFC)- thank you :)
    You have amazing style!
    K x

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