Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No internet. No Foxtel.

I don't want to panic anyone but this is still a house with no Internet and no Foxtel. I know. I'm sad too. It was meant to come back on tonight. The neighbours are in the same boat.
Fingers and Toes tomorrow will be different.


  1. I sympathise FF, we had no internet for a week last week, and it was no fun. Hope yours is re-connected soon. xx

  2. I sympathise FF, we had no internet for a week last week, and it was no fun. Hope yours is re-connected soon. xx

  3. Oh my!
    Is this because of the storm?
    I hope that you get reconnected soon!
    I don't know what I would do without Internet!

  4. Is this 2012 or the dark ages??? Terrible that you have to live this way :( fingers and toes for tomorrow.

    Can't say the internet is much chop tonight though, think click frenzy has broken my puter....

    x Megluvx4

  5. My husband won't allow me to have Foxtel, which I consider constitutes spousal abuse. I'm left with ABC2 and blog addiction issues. Kx (The Blog a House Built)

  6. Thank goodness the Baby and your gorgeous tree can be relied upon to bring brightness to the day!!


  7. Frustrating! But at least you all have a Top Notch tree to gaze upon!

  8. FF,
    Sorry about your internet - we had the same situation during the Frankenstorm. And when our service was restored, the varying electricity blew up our router. I shocked myself this past weekend by installing a new one, with no whippersnapper in sight to offer direction.

  9. Hope its not a conspiracy.. we are all looking forward to post 1000. I've got the cake ingredients out waiting!

  10. No internet! No foxtel! SAD TIMES!
    I was without landline phone for two weeks a couple of years ago (I could write a book about it...don't get me started!) :(
    Hope all is back to normal soon!

  11. No internet or foxtel?! Be strong. It did make me giggle after the storm in New York. All people seemed to say was.....I HAVE NO INTERNET OR MOBILE PHONE CONNECTION! haha.

  12. No internet! No foxtel! ...SAD TIMES!!!
    I was without a landline for two weeks a couple of years ago, and we don't have mobile phone reception....(don't get me started on

  13. Dear FF,
    This is a problem that must be fixed ASAP. What is the world coming to. I'm sure it won't take them long. I would be challenged beyond belief if it was out. Be brave.
    B. x

  14. Hard times.
    I am living like an ANIMAL - an ANIMAL, I tell you - without any dishwasher.

  15. My goodness the trials we go through. I think my other half would have gone insane and gnawed a foot off by now with no access to the internet for this long. Fingers crossed it comes back quickly.

  16. This photo makes you think how much has happened in a year. I remember baby FF lying on his tum in front of the tree last year. Now look at him, such a little boy standing there. Inside the fenced area too. Brave.

  17. Look how much the baby has grown! Close supervision in the cage?

    TDM xx


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