Thursday, November 15, 2012

On Blogging.

 I get lots on ideas for things to blog about when I'm sitting on the bus, but them I forget them when I go to blog.
My Method isn't scientific. Usually I just upload photos I like the look of then throw some words in after. Because that's just how I (Blog) roll.
These Villeroy and Boch plates are gorgeous aren't they?
Sadly discontinued. Always the way.
 What I lack in Blogging Planning and Pre-production I make up for in Speed. And Prolificness (if that's a word)
And I'm very decisive. That helps.
Am still shocked that anyone apart form my Mum is reading.
Fingers and Toes the Biblical Plague leaves my house soon.


  1. I thought the plates were fabric, they are amazing.

  2. Oh I detest when products are discontinued. I had a fave lipstick and hair product from separate companies and they discontinued both. The lippy consultant told me she still gets request for 'my colour' constantly so my question is...why do they discontinue? Beats me.
    If I was disciplined I could blog every day cause I have oodles of thoughts but alas I am taking the easy instant route ie.instagram.

  3. profligacy?

    hope everyone is feeling alright. Babies are such germ factories... I bet he collects infections from The Orphanage.

  4. I started my blog because for three years I had so many unwritten blog posts in my head. Now that I've actually got a blog, I've forgotten what all of them were, dammit. I'm liking all your prolific posts - you're covering a lot of ground with your topics. xx

  5. oh no- apparently that means you are a 'wastrel'.

  6. Get well soon!
    P xx

  7. I think you'll find it's prolifictivity.

  8. Are you kidding FF...loving the blogathon! I was tempted to say I'd match you comment-for-blog but I plainly don't have your stamina or ability to multi-task. Go for gold (or glitter)! Emma

  9. Dear FF, I just love that you are forging on with getting to your anniversary with 1000 posts. It is so 'citing to log on and see an abundance of FF posts. Such fun!!! I am going to be DESOLATE when you reach the 1000 and go back to posting every couple of days. I log on EVERY day to catch up with your news and there is always a frisson of disappointment when you have not posted for a while. May the plague leave you and happy blogging. LJD

  10. Your prolificness has me laughing and astounded. Hope the biblical plague deserts you soon. Agapanthus was an answer in my crossword this morning, such an invigorating start to the day (the crossword that is). Take care xxx

  11. Dear FF,
    I'm not sure what your methods are but their working for me. I prefer to be a reader of few but read them well and I love your blog.
    My dinner set is Villeroy and Boch Foglia and I luff it 11/10. They are talented those Germans.
    I'm sending those diseases away from your home. They must leave now.
    Sending best wishes,
    B. x

  12. Someone recently asked me how far in advance I planned my posts. I told him the truth. Ten seconds x

  13. You are prolific! V&B plates are the bomb. xx

  14. FF, I'm ambivalent about this blogathon of yours. I'm loving the multiposts sick!! But I know you'll return to your usual output soon and there will be a vacuum - and not the Dyson kind. I'll be Bereft. Bereft, I tell you!

    Best, BB from Melbourne X

  15. Those plates made my heart flutter. Recently discovered that my wedding china has been discontinued. So sad.


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