Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On my mind.

This is one of my favourite photos I ever posted. So cheery.
And I hate to introduce a sad note but I still miss my Grandma so much. She died over 2 years ago. She never met my son.
I'm so glad I got to know her as an adult, and hear all her stories.
And she was always on my side.
So few people are, except say your parents.
I know so many of you don't iron but how do you get things to lie flat and creaseless??
I find mindless domestic tasks soothing when things are Fraught.
How do you cope?


  1. I love freshly ironed tea towels and table cloths, my daughter in law thinks I am crazy for ironing tea towels, but I do love the satisfaction of them lying flat in the drawer or hanging on the oven door in their pristine perfection.

  2. I ironed yesterday for the first time in at least 6 months.

    I do not find cleaning soothing. I find sitting on the couch drinking wine soothing.

    1. haha that made me laugh out loud. a good laugh before i leave for work sets the day up nicely. thank you.

  3. Gardening. That can clear a fraught mind like no one's business.

    My grandmother passed away 10 years ago- I can still hear her voice. She was super-special.

    P xx

  4. The smarties are lovely to look at, they wouldn't last long around these part though!

    It makes me so sad to hear of other peoples grandparent loses, I really feel for you. I to am so glad I knew my nanna (a Brisbanite!)as an adult and could really appreciate her and her life, think about her all the time and can still hear her voice in my head. I do still have another grandmother left but it is a much harder relationship, Brissy Nan was just all love, no bitter.

    I cope with fraught usng cuddles from whoever stands still long enough, my kids are nearly always up for it.

    xx Megluvx4

    PS keep up the postng frenzy, you are going great guns!

  5. I write lists to cope and mope.

    I'm fraught because I just received an offer for a permanent teaching job in the country, that is 11 hours from where I currently live (15hrs by public transport). And also broke up with my boyfriend somewhat because of that. And I feel awfully guilty that I'm being selfish in this regard.

    I might try ironing to soothe my heart and head.

  6. Get things to lie flat and creaseless, by the hang to dry method and a good shake before folding.
    When things are fraught, a walk beside the river calms me like nothing else.

  7. FF, I still miss my gran too and she died three years ago this NYE. When she died my sister and I were both pregnant with her longed for great grandchildren. I desperately wanted her to see my baby.

    I couldn't stand to put away something unironed. I've been known to press a onesie. So soothing seeing everything neat, flat and ready for selection.

  8. My Grandpa died this year, it is so strange and I too still hear his voice. You're so lucky to have your parents on your side and to have had such a wonderful Grandma xx.

  9. I agree, cleaning is very soothing. Feel the same about ironing too!

  10. FF,
    When I am stressed to the max, I find knitting something especially hard extremely distracting. With all that counting of stitches, I can hardly think of anything else.

  11. Your grandmother was adorable. What a sweet smile. I'll bet she is looking down on your son and enjoying everything he does. (In my belief system, that is.)
    I love an ironed napkin - even better if it is monogrammed. Doesn't matter whose monogram - we have two different last names in my household, so it's almost better if it doesn't match.

  12. I don't mind ironing, and I really like ironed clothes.

    My gran's have both been gone over 30 years. I'm grateful I knew them, both my grandfathers died before I was born. I hope your son has at least one grandparent to pass on family stories.

  13. Dear FF,
    I really struggled with answering this. I feel every bit that you are feeling.
    My grandmother who just about raised myself and my sister passed away when my no 2 was a baby and now even the mention of her name can bring me to tears. It's now nearly 16 years on and she is in my thoughts most days. I talk to my boys and friends about her often and recall stories and recipes all the time. I believe that the important people in our lives make such an impact that there should be a part missing when their not here. They deserve to be missed, cried about and remembered. It's the least we can do. Even though my younger two never got to meet her they think they did by my stories - Granny May will live forever in our hearts.
    Your Gran will always be a part of you and your family and baby FF will bare the legacy of the love she bestowed upon you. Thinking of you.
    B. x

  14. I would iron more, lack of time kills me, but I do find that a proper shake out before line drying means that usually things like sheets and even t-shirts are pretty crease free if taken off the line and folded immediately.

    I'm sure your grandmother is baby FF's guardian angel. My grandfather died the year before I was born and as a very small child I had heaps of his mannerisms. Everyone believes he is my angel.

  15. Such a cheerful star-ray sort of picture - your grandma would love it too, I bet. I never stop missing my grandmothers (or mother for that matter) - especially at holidays or milestones - but I can remember without pain and with only love and gratitude now, which makes me smile. You're teaching your son all the things she taught you every single day and what better gift to him or tribute to her could there be than this?

  16. To paraphrase Katie Fforde (I think)- housework is my hobby, but I just don't have time to do it.

    I'm with Indi C I find a glass of wine very soothing.

    I only iron every few months - have to read the instruction booklet every time to remember how to use it.


  17. Dear Ms FF, Can it really be two years since your Grandmother died? I feel for you. I know you must miss her everyday. You have given me something to think about: I want to be on the side of my children all the time and I want them to know it too. We all need a soft place to fall, don't we. love Lindaxxx


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