Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Orange and Almond Cake

 I love Claudia Roden's Orange and almond cake 11/10. I don't boil the oranges I microwave them to save time.
You can find the recipe here
For a cake with no butter or flour it certainly is The Business.


  1. I use this same reciepe but sourced it via Stephanie Alexander's book. Delicious every time and v good as a dessert with an orange blossom sugar syrup.

  2. This awesome cake gets a smashing response everytime I make it. The latest version I did was in a fluted Aldi ring tin and when it came out it looked like christmas trees all in a circle!! Dusted it in icing sugar and it was worth a million bucks.

    A tip to all the whippersnappers out there action this cake!!

    The double bonus of microwaving the oranges is all that lovely citrus steam loosens any crud in the microwave and makes it super easy to clean - 2 hits for the price of one.

    xx Megluvx4

  3. Microwave "blew up" and not yet replaced, so back to old style cooking methods. Looking at that cake is nearly as good as a slice - I said nearly.

  4. I made this cake yesterday and although the house smelt delicious while the oranges were boiling, I wish I had known to microwave them. How long do you microwave them for?

  5. Dear FF,
    I've never actioned an orange and almond cake so that's going to change ASAP. Thank you for sharing your recipe, your the best.
    B. x

  6. I've made that many of these cakes because of you it's just not funny. Mr F was actually worried about me. When I was buying the bags of oranges in my mind i'd be pretending to make fresh juice, but next minute it was on a plate with a dollop of cream and icing sugar!

  7. Everyone loves a home made cake!

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