Thursday, November 15, 2012


I haven't heard much of Pippa since she wrote the party planning book. What's she up to?
And who will she end up marrying?


  1. Pippa has been busy choosing her favourite Aussie!

  2. You must look up @pippastweets on twitter, lots of tongue in cheek "advice" a la her party book. Very funny!

  3. Dear FF,
    I'm a Pippa supporter. Imagine being in the spotlight just because a sister married well. It's going to be testing I'm sure.
    I love the idea of her book because anything that encourages entertaining is fantastic and she's giving things a go.
    Will be interesting to see her marriage prospects as time goes by. I wonder if she's goes after a Hooray Henry type of a bad boy, mmmm.
    B. x


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