Thursday, November 15, 2012


 I'll have to wait to next year to bake anything with quince because my poached quince freezer stash is gone. Dammit.
They are perfection in a tart. Their grainy texture frightens some but I like it. People ask me why I don't grow quince trees or other fruit trees. Wrong climate, too many varmints, no sun. I know. I'm sad too.


  1. In Serbia, the custom of our grandmothers (I'm 32, my grandma 82, just for the sake of the timeline) was to always keep a quince or two on top of cupboards around the house because they would give off this heavenly scent. I also remember my grandma's quince preserve which was incredibly tasty. I love quince!

  2. Dear Ms FF, The varmints are a problem down south too - coddling moth. In Chile, quinces are popular - they are called membrillo. I love slow poaching them in the oven with vanilla - the fragrance is heady. One wants to put a bit behind each ear. love Lindaxxx

  3. Dear FF,
    I hope your sitting down right now, but I don't think I've tried quince. I know where have I been living!!!!!! Crazy to think.
    Seeing I love all food I'm sure that I would be a joiner in this as well.
    One of my favourite things are choko's with heaps of butter and pepper, it's the best.
    B. x

  4. My quince tree has just finished flowering & when I had close look the other day was rewarded by lots of teeny tiny baby quinces.....hopefully this year will beat the birds & get a good crop! Rx


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