Friday, November 16, 2012

Ready Made Pre Mixed Posts.

I am sick but don't panic- I have tonnes of Ready Made Pre Mixed Posts that I prepared well in advance to Upload. Handy. 


  1. Dear Ms FF, I stepped away for a moment and there was more! Does your work ethic ever cease? We should get you started on world peace! Actually, someone should as there is precious little compassion and goodwill out there right now. I wish Oprah was still on - nothing like watching Oprah when you are ill. love Lindaxxx

  2. Oh dear! Feel better soon FF. You know, I bought a bright kaftan with sequinny bits on it in your honour yesterday. I hope that doesnt make me sound like a creepy stalker.

  3. Even in your sick state, your organisational ability is amazing. I'm inspired!
    Get well soon
    P xx

  4. Your sadly sick state doesn't have you taking the old sudafed or some other pseudoephedrine product does it FF? Your pace is indeed astounding.

  5. Get well soon. Thank goodness for pre-made posts, I'm loving them all sick.

  6. Dear FF,
    How could we not love a post that has a pic of such a rose. That colour is mesmerising.
    Luffing all the post sick.
    B. x

  7. Dear FF

    Thanks for your selfless blogging bonanza, even when under the weather. The FF Cult appreciates your dedication to the 1000 target. You'll reach it in no time.

    Get well soon.

    Susan x

  8. You are the Betty Crocker of blogging with your pre-mixed posts.

  9. Such a gorgeous rose, I can almost smell it through the screen..
    Get well soon, FF.


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