Thursday, November 15, 2012

Retro Food.

Speaking of retro food straight from 1977 I haven't made marsala chicken in ages. Which is crazy because it's delicious. Some people use chicken breasts but they are crazy. Thighs are what you want.
Don't stint on the Mashed Potato.


  1. Dear FF,
    Loving this pic sick. What's not to love about 1977 food, I was there I remember.
    I haven't made this but I'm sure the men of the house would luff this.
    I am a huge lover of mashed potato and let's not forget piggies in blanket - mashed potato mixed with condensed milk wrapped up with Devon and then a toothpick, it's a party favourite from the 70's. I still love fairy bread and saveloys with tomato sauce.
    B. x

  2. Dear FF, This looks delish! I've heard of it but never tried it - could you post the recipe as it's always better to use a tried and tested rather than the googled variety. Many thanks....B:)

  3. I mixed it up this week - we had pork San choi bow one night, then veal saltimbocca the next so lemony, garlic and buttery all the good stuff. Then last night I had a craving for home made Ikea Swedish meatballs, their sauce, and creamy mash - recipe sourced from the Internet. Tonight it's Enzo's pasta from the city markets with smoked chicken and broad beans and sage! I felt I really cooked outside the pedestrian mid week dinners. I'm going to look up the Marsala recipe now. My husband is a dab hand at sauce Dianne which I want him to make for my 14 yo son who has never tried it!


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