Thursday, November 22, 2012

Russian Navy.

Haven't worn OPI's Russian Navy for a while. Might have to remedy that soon. I'd forgotten how attractive it is. My friend K got me onto it. I wonder if she's still wearing it? I remember it was Slow to Chip.


  1. Dear FF,
    Ohh many nails. Haven't tried it but think that this must be rectified ASAP. Love the Breton top.
    B. x

  2. Is that the matt one??? Yes, might have to rustle that one out again myself... I think navy could be an appropriately festive colour for the paws at this time of year.

    Always inspiring FF!

  3. This colour looks good on you, I think my own nails are too long for this one, makes me look very witchy like. I do however love a polish that's slow to chip,Robyn x

  4. One of my top 5 fave colours!!!! I too find it very slow to chip so it's a win win all round :)



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