Thursday, November 15, 2012


A Plague of Biblical proportions has defended on us here and we are sick. But don't panic. I'm going to upload all my prepared in advance blog posts anyway. Apparently it's what all the Professional Bloggers do anyway. Who Knew? Wish me a speedy recovery. Am unsuited to being sick.


  1. Dear FF, Mr FF and baby FF,
    I'm sending all the very best healing to you all. It's the worst ever being taken down by these dreadfull sickness'.
    As you know it recently tried to floor us here but after a short period we were all back to 100%.
    I agree, I'm not a swooner and dislike sickness 11/10. My only advice is rest and spending nearly all your wages at the chemist. Seemed to work here.
    Best wishes,
    B. x

  2. Get well soon speedy FF posting queen...

  3. Oh no, hope you're feeling better by the weekend! Rx

  4. I prepare my blog posts in advance (although I am hardly professional) and then schedule them to post at regular intervals, so if I don't feel like writing for a couple of weeks I am covered. Keep warm and drink lots of liquids!

  5. Sending you a bucket full of "wellness" - we simply cannot bear you being unwell and unable to blog/entertain us!!

    C x

  6. FF,
    So sorry re: sickness. Speedy recovery to you all.

  7. Dear Ms FF, It is so hard having a sick child when you are sick too. Can you call in the cavalry aka your mum? Alternatively, chicken noodle soup has restorative powers. Thinking of you, love Lindaxxx


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