Monday, November 19, 2012


It looked a bit Apocalyptic Rolling in didn't it? 
Anyway house and garden are unscathed despite hail and power only off for a small while but something dreadful has happened- no (crosses self) foxtel til tomorrow night and same with the internet. Hell and Damnation. Neighbours are in same boat. But lovely C who lives next door did teach me how to use the personal hotspot whatsy on my iPhone so I can at least have a bit of blog and online action.
How'd you go storm wise? Does your suburb always suffer too?


  1. Dear FF,
    So very pleased that you came out the other side of the storm.
    Down here we only had some wild wind.
    As you know I dislike storms 11/10 and it takes all my being to be brave.
    So pleased that you have a tech savy friend, their worth their weight in iPhones.
    My husband is the guru in the IT Department and what he knows isn't worth knowing.
    B. x

  2. Hi FF, am pleased you're okay. Seems very unfair that Brisbane is being subjected to more Mother Nature drama. Take care, hope the family is feeling better too x

  3. Glad to hear you are ok, was hoping for the best as the news rolled in. Sounds like it was terrifying.

  4. I was all battened down at home and have so far escaped any damage. Although the high winds and flying debris certainly keep you on your toes.

  5. I'm glad that you and yours came through the storm ok. Queensland certainly does know how to throw a serious storm. Hopefully the weather will be calming down now.

    PS. Do be careful whilst tethering your iPhone as the data use can clock up faster than you'd ever dream possible compared to using your phone in the normal fashion.


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