Friday, November 16, 2012

Stuff I'll Never Get Sick Of.

 Welsh Lady Cakes.
 Baked Glazed Ham
 Pink Lipstick
 Fresh Figs
And Last but never ever Least, my Christmas Tree.
They're all lovely. And never give me a moment's worth of trouble.
Fingers and Toes we all get better round here quick smart.
Don't panic- I have about tonnes more ready made, pre mixed posts that I prepared earlier to upload.


  1. Dear Ms FF, I had fresh figs still warm from a tree in a "parcela" (like a property) outside Santiago in the Summer and they were miraculous. We then had them in a salad with buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto. Roll on Australian Summer! love Lindaxxx

  2. Dear FF,
    Loving the list. Those cakes look the best. We have a patisserie here called Snows, they are best ever.
    Can't wait for the Christmas Ham, it's going to be so yummy.
    Pink lipstick and pink nail polish are the bomb.
    Your tree is the best, ours is up and ready for sharing. Can't wait.
    Best wishes for getting rid of the disease. It has no place at your home.
    Love a post whether per done or not.
    B. x

  3. Pink lipstick ,Christmas trees and figs are what I am never going to tired of myself FF

  4. FF,
    I'll never get sick of this blog - and I hope you never get sick of writing.


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