Saturday, November 3, 2012


Wheeled out this Old School DVF frock yesterday to wear to the Coalface. Worked a treat with the FF Jubilee necklace.
My lilies continue to shine

whipped up some osso bucco. Which is now frighteningly 'spensive. Why?  Shouldn't meat that has to be braised for 3 hours be cheap?
Threw on some Malene Birger and OPI's Don't know Beets Me and hotfooted it to Libertine after work to have some drinks with the Kindy (Orphanage) Mums.

Hooray for Lychee Martinis. So refreshing. And Healthy. Because they contain fruit.

Adrienne from Rich Life of a Budget found beehive ginger flowers in Hawaii!( well I think it was there)! Thanks A for the photo.

Want 15 to 20% off on all Jean Brown Stock including sale items? Me too. Well click here to find out how. Ends Sunday. Run Don't Walk People.
Have a lovely weekend. I've got a cocktail party tonight to celebrate a Birthday. And I might see Argo.
What are your plans?


  1. Love your frocks! colour really suits you - well everything you wear looks great..

    Lychee Martini, YUM! Can't beat a good cocktail, have a great weekend. Elle x

  2. Ah, FF, Lychee Martini's are my absolute favourite beverage, YUM! ( Partial to a Latte Martini too, must admit... Oooh, and a Passionfruit Martini too! I'll just stop there, shall I )
    Quiet home/ family/ chores day today - desperately needed, too
    I'm off to Daylesford/ Hepburn Springs with a friend tomorrow
    Loving all of your stunning lily pics BUT I do worry when you post lots of garden shots, after you told us that you do that to ward off trolls? Hope that's not a concern for you at the moment, and hope that cocktail party is a blast tonight!
    Happy Weekend!

  3. I just love your Bee ring. I'm going to a Hen Party tomorrow so I bet I'll be spending Sunday recuperating.Argo sounds good.

  4. DVF frock is fab. Plans for us are...swimming lesson, then kid's party, then house tidying and cake making/icing. Tomorrow is christening and associated lunch followed by me collapsing on couch hopefully with a cold beverage. Haven't been to the cinema in a million years must try harder. You are cheering as always FF.

  5. Dear FF,
    You never cease to brighten my day.
    Loving the frocks sick and TNT necklace just screams style.
    The beehive gingers are so mesmerising.
    Here the man flu is trying to take me but I will not allow it. Have all medicinal groups covered and that with my strong will will ensure that it's gone quickly. Thankfully the two youngest have made a turn for the best - three cheers.
    Gathering Christmas produce like a madwoman, there can never be enough in this house.
    Have a great day,
    Belinda x.

  6. That necklace is great with that DVF dress. I love that you are linking to Jean Brown. Seriously good shopping.

  7. Must remember to choose Lychee cocktails from now on. I actually had a Lychee Cooler with rum and pineapple juice while in Kauai and it was delicious and full of vitamins I am sure.
    That DVF dress reminds me of elegant tie-die/ombre. It's lovely on you and the necklace looks like it was made for it.
    Thank you for the mention, FF!
    xo, A

  8. love the DVF. Osso Bucco is like lamb shanks. It's now trendy, so they've hiked the price up. Lamb shanks are practically a delicacy now. We've got the usual saturday of swimming and ballet, then the husband and I are out to dinner as he's off to New York for work next week. Don't think I'll be getting anything exciting though by way of gift or duty free shopping - he only takes carryon, and gets highly stressed when put under pressure to purchase duty free makeup due to confusion over colour numbers/ names etc. Enjoy the party tonight x

  9. Your lilies are Truly Spectacular. As are you. I'd give plenty for a lychee martini just about now...

  10. Apropos of nothing, I wanted to share that I was thinking of you today as I was pondering what to wear to tomorrow night's school auction fundraiser. I thought of a few ideas and then saw that the invitation reads "business casual". For an evening cocktail thingy! All I could think was that Faux Fuchsia would never stand for such a thing. Business casual, indeed!

  11. Argo looks fantastic. I went to the cinema this morning and saw Searching for Sugar Man - so fabulous. Have fun at the party xxx

  12. We are hoping to see Argo this week too. I eagerly await your review.

    Baby birthday for us tomorrow. That's pretty much it for weekend activities for us.

    K xx

  13. I don't know why osso buco (it has just 1 c) is so expensive.....we should complain.

  14. I don't know why osso buco (it had just 1 c) is so expensive....we should complain.

  15. Your DVF frock is an absolute stunner, especially with the necklace. I saw some beehive gingers today, and immediately thought of you :)

  16. Dear Ms FF, I am glad you don't embrace Casual Friday. Your colleagues and clients must always be delighted to see you as your Coalface look is always so polished. I loved Marsha's comment that you would never stand for 'business casual'. It reminds me of when I, being old in the tooth, was asked to speak to our new grads during their induction week training. The training was held at the University of Canberra because we did not have a sufficiently large venue at work. I was there on the first day and was rather taken aback to see midriffs (complete with stomach piercings, torn t-shirts, shorts and flip flops (there were also thongs but I would have liked to draw a veil over that indiscretion). The gorgeous young things had to be advised that day about appropriate dress for work events (even ones held at a university campus) and what 'business casual' meant at our organisation. Osso Bucco à la WW is a staple in our house - fingers and toes we can afford it when we get home! Hope your weekend is stellar. love Lindaxxx

  17. Hello FF and wise FF readership,

    Can anyone suggest a good brisbane thai place for dinner?


    1. My Thai at Auchenflower use to be very good, but can't verify current status.

    2. I have not eaten at all of these places, however the following are often quoted on the net and in reviews as being good:

      * Mons Ban Sabai Thai at Camp Hill
      * Thai Wi-Rat in Chinatown
      * My Thai at Auchenflower and
      * Siam Sensations at Nundah which is the one I go to regularly, especially for take away.

      I often use Urbanspoon;s website at a starting point too.


  18. Have you seen the new Roberto Cavalli offering at Target? Heavily dominated by sequins and leopard print.. Thought you might approve?

  19. FF,
    You have to love a person who thinks a martini is a health food. My current fav is Marzipan Martini from the tapas bar across the street. It's half amaretto and half grapefruit juice - definitely a health food!

  20. You are so inspiring ff. Taking time to always look so well groomed,nails painted, keeping in contact with your friends, gardening, a decluttered home, and lots of home cooking and baking! Tomorrow I think I also will see Argo, my mumsaid it was great too. I worked today so I am free to lol around tomorrow.

  21. Ah the old "at least it has fruit" ..I said the same thing when I bought (and ate)a cherry danish yesterday.

    The Marlene Berger looks beautiful on you

  22. I agree that the repelling fence around the chrissie tree would be a tad disheartening to the gorgeous effect that you are use to, FF. But I did have an idea that might brighten it up.
    Can you decorate said fence, with Christmas cheer? Maybe sparkly stickers, or some other child-appropriate accessories that would add to the Christmas look.

  23. You look jaw droppingly good on your Kindy Mums night out. I really like that top. And I always say a big yes to a pearl drop earring.

    I think old Osso Bucco is just being a joiner and becoming overpriced like all the other cuts of meat at the butchery.

  24. Daddy R wants to know why he wasn't invited out to drinks with the Orphanage moms? Ha ha. He does drop offs and pick ups and is chummy with all the mommies!

    1. It wasn't the Mum's from the baby group our kids are in but Mum's who have older children.

      We should organise something before the end of the year.

  25. Osso Bucco-one of my very favourites!! you've just pushed me over the edge into famished. The best bit? The marrow, right?!!

  26. Love your bee ring as always. I would be terrified of knocking off a wing. I completely agree about lychee martinis. Lychee cocktails are rare down here in Canberra which is very silly - after all they use tinned lychees and you can get them everywhere.
    My lily envy of your garden has finally faded, my roses are flowering.


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