Friday, November 23, 2012


If you don't like succulents, well we've had some good times, but we can no longer be Friends.
They ask for so little and give so much and they grow so well from cuttings and can withstand drought like No One's Business.
Plus practically nothing roaming the wilds of the FF Garden bothers eating them.
What's not to Luff?


  1. I don't have a backyard anymore! but I am getting a succulent for the coffee table. just need to decide what kind but i want a big one.

  2. Undead FF,
    Rest assured we are safe. I'm actioning succulents like nobody's business.
    Just got two large agaves for two massive pots on back porch. Have flapjacks everywhere and some other ones that I have no name for as they can from the church fete around the corner.
    Have a hint for shady areas, a ground cover called baby's tears, oh Lordy is cute as a button.
    I think we Australians need to become more aware of plants that work with our climate.
    B. x

  3. Succulents are the garden givers! In fact, there masochistic tendencies are slightly unnerving.

    1. oops that should be "their". The hazards of drinking and commenting.

  4. I hear you FF. I think I got my love of succulents from my mother-in-law who is such a creative gardener. I struck gold the other day rescuing lots of agaves from a building site, they're going to be very happy living on my hill. Nothing beats a mob of echeverias either. Your garden pix are always lovely. Have a great w/end x


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