Thursday, November 22, 2012


I luff this photo from the Black and Spiro summer vignette from last year that was used on their website. It screams summer what with the beach towels, and straw hat and Christmas tree. That blue Lanvin bangle's pretty good too. So's the Chloe shift dress. Navy's so chic. Could it be the new black?


  1. What chic towels! I have heard that navy is the new black for decades. No reason not to believe it.

  2. Dear FF,
    Oh how this pic screams summer and style. The hat, the necklace, the towels.
    I have steamed away from navy since overdosing on it in the early 90's. I did do a serious navy blazer and loafers though.
    I've been bringing the navy back slowly and it is now shining in my wardrobe.
    I bet it's a happy memory having that pic.
    B. x

  3. I adore navy. I put together my Christmas wishlist on pinterest and when I was done I sat back and realised it was all navy, or sparkly, or navy sparkly. Clearly this year I'm channeling navy!

  4. I'd say Navy is the Other Black.

  5. I'm nuts about navy (that could be an OPI colour), I think it is even more wearable and more elegant than black, and also a bit more flattering. Still slimming too!

    Loving this endless stream of posts.


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