Thursday, November 22, 2012

The FF Garden in Late November.

 I'm doing my best in what can only be described as Old Testament Gardening Conditions. So I make do with whatever stalwart grows and can avoid being scratched up by marauding bush turkeys. 
Like porcelain ginger and kalanchoe

 I think these are crocus?
 And bromeliads

 And geraniums
 and aggies
 and brunfelsia

 and plumbago

 and cordylines

 Spotted this little ginger plant that's shot up after the rain. Hooray.
Need to get busy with the sugar cane mulch this weekend. 


  1. Dear FF,
    I'm a garden lover and seeing your garden is a treat. You are doing your very best in challenging conditions. Here we have roses with black spot and crawly things - it's disheartening. I'm trying to concentrate on the aggies, Japanese maple and the port wine magnolias. In exciting news I found a birds nest in one of my mop top robinia's. how exciting.
    B. x

  2. You've still got tons going on there! I love those gingers and am definitely a bromeliad fan.

  3. Your garden is excellent and looking delightful for November! I would love to be able to grow your stalwarts but alas in Canberra they require Intensive Care type conditions and even then aren't that flash. The only things that we share are the Aggies and Geraniums - stalwarts at my place.

    Loving all your posts, but do hope you don't burn out after 3 december and we have nothing to read till after new year :(

    x Megluvx4

  4. So soothing to have little bits of colour here there and everywhere in these Old Testament Gardening Conditions. I love Agapanthus (mine are starting to flower now) and the plumbago (even though they have a mind of their own).

  5. I've been totally in love with my garden this year! It has given me no end of pleasure and compliments from visitors. It is stunning! I am putting it under flood today as it needs a ton of water to close up the cracks that have appeared with the heat. Lucky we have an endless supply in our bore.

  6. I sympathize FF. We're having extreme weather temps and our grass couldn't be more dry and crunchy if it tried. Waiting on the rain. We spent up big at the school fete and came home with a gazillion bearded iris and aggies and someone needs to get planting. I do love your stone paths, they look beautiful with your plants. Keep up the good work! x


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