Sunday, November 18, 2012


It's been brought to my attention that worryingly, many readers did not realise that the (netaporter's outlet sale site that contains past season and discounted stock) has 2 sites, a UK one where stock in sold in Britsh pounds and a USA site where stock is sold in American dollars. Both sites are similiar but often carry different stock. I shop from the American site.
 When you are on the home page of the UK site it will say in the top left corner "You are in Australia". Click Australia, choose the International site then click America. Hey presto you are on the American outnet and have a much more attractive exchange rate.


  1. Estimated delivery: 5-6 working days$39.95

    A bit exy. Do they have cheaper options?


  2. Thank you for this. I did not know this. How I am not sure.

    I have never found the outnet that cheap, maybe this is why.

    Off to the Outnet now.

    Thanks for the wisdom

  3. Thanks for bringing us into the know.

    So, are there no problems shipping from the US site to Australia? I've always wanted some DvF clothing, reaching a certain age and all!

  4. Dear FF,
    You are the best sharer ever. Thank you for sorting us readers out, you are in the know.
    B. x

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was browsing it yesterday and ended up leaving it even though I liked few things because it was too frustrating to convert currency.

  6. Great Tip K,
    Thanks for sharing.... I had a peruse around the site and before I knew it, there was 9 items in my shopping bag.
    Love to you and O,
    M x x

  7. I learn so much from this blog. Now I just need to learn to have enough disposable income to shop there too!


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