Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Queen

 I just watched that doco where Charles talks about his Mum and they show all the old footage of her playing with her children. I know the rest of you probably saw this around the Jubilee, but it only was screened here tonight.
Talk about Fascinating. His childhood seemed quite lonely and it made me a bit sad. It made me sort of relieved that he has Camilla to look after him now. The image of the Queen on the day she found out that her father had died was haunting.
Meanwhile, on a happier note, I luff everything about this outfit. Perfection.
Enjoying my Prolific Posting? Say what you will about me I do Not Muck Around.


  1. It's a faux fuchsia festival of postings. Loving the short sharp and shiny posts.

  2. Go you!!! No mucking around indeed! Awestruck xx

  3. FF,
    We're watching the mini series World Without End about another time in England's history. Excellent!

  4. We are in the middle of an FF Blogging Blitz!

  5. The tribute to the Queen was very touching and fascinating.
    Go you good blogger, go!

  6. Oh, on my reckoning, another 90 posts to go!

  7. Love all of your posting but struggling to keep up. Will be great weekend reading! Can't believe it's almost been three years!

  8. It's "All FF, All the Time"! Your boundless energy is to be admired.
    The Queen looks great in camel.

    xo, A

  9. Love all your posts. I think the Queen looks so much like her late mother. Soft fur hat is so flattering.

  10. I love that Brooch that the Queen is wearing - it is perfection!

  11. I loved that Jubilee doco last night. Charles sounded very fond of Mama but I didn't hear much about Papa. Poor Queen, so young to have so much responsibility thrust on her. I'm loving your many posts each day!

  12. Dear FF,

    Was the documentary on the Queen the one where Charles is reviewing old family footage? If it is, I loved it - Charles chuckling when his uncle Mountbatten went down the slide on Britannia, priceless!

    Recently went to BP for a private viewing (Birthday present - very 'spensive) of HM's personal jewels FAB - U - LOUS!!!!

    I love our royal family.

    Struggling to keep up too!


  13. I watched it too. Have more sympathy for Charles now. Just wanted to give him a hug. I too am glad that he has found happiness at last with Camilla who may not be young and glamorous but is reputed to be warm and friendly and lots of fun.
    My interest in blogs generally wanes after a few months but yours never disappoints. Thank you.
    Carolyn from Sydney

  14. What's going on Faux Fuchsia!!??

  15. I know you're a woman of your word but wow! Im now back to work aka found a job .I miss my blogging morning time so a frantic hello to you, before getting ready for work.

    I remember being taken by my mother to see QE11 go to church in Sydney in about 1963 ..on that occasion she wore apricot, QE11 that is

  16. I watched it too and.loved it xxx

  17. Dear FF,
    I'm a royalist and luff everything about them. I think that Queen E must have been so torn between her children and the country she reigned. Makes for challenges. Charles appears a very gentle and interesting man who is very happy and content. Love can heal.
    How can one not luff the Queen's ensemble, she has it down to a T. I'm a hat and brooch lover from way back and there's nothing like royalty to bring them to their best.
    I'm up for the blogging challenge - I'm here for every post, you post and I'll comment. Say what you will about me but I'm committed 11/10.
    B. x

  18. I watched it and loved it too. A life so removed from mine but they are still humans and feel the same things we all do.

  19. She has the best jewellery doesn't she?

    Camilla seems to have really brought Charles out of himself. He seems more confident and approachable now. Diana was gorgeous but really, the palace should have let him marry Camilla originally.

  20. I loved the documentary too! I wanted to tell you that when my 6 year old (then 5) gave her flowers to the Queen last year in Brisbane, the only thing my daughter could tell me about the experience was that the Queen had pretty shoes. I keep reminding her about it to make sure that she never forgets being plucked from the crowd and going off to meet the Queen! I know, lucky!
    Anna from Brizvegas


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