Friday, November 23, 2012

Uploading at the Speed of Light.

 This is my 980th post. I know. Only a paltry 20 to action before 5 December when ye olde Blog turns Three.
Say what you will about me I am Prolifc at uploading posts.
 Where can I source some more perspex bangles? 

 Here's Old Zsa Zsa. Hungarians. What's not to Love?

 Might make my flour less orange cake this weekend.

Remember when Niece FF drew this for me of her and my little boy? So sweet
I miss her. Can you believe she's almost 7?????
 I have stil not Come to Terms Emotionally with Lindsay Lohan playing Liz in Liz'n'Dick. 
Have you?

Over the weekend I'll announce our fabulous Giveaway.
It'lll be Top Shelf all the way.


  1. I will never comes to terms with it!

  2. Lots of lucite and perspex bangles on

    India x

  3. Nothing could induce me to watch it - it'll be a travesty.Wish I could be as prolific as you!

  4. Keep uploading! Glorious pics, so lovely to look at., Re Lindsay, one minute she's running amok and now we're supposed to take her seriously? Yes, hard to come to terms with emotionally.

  5. Cannot. Wait. For. The. Giveaway. J x

  6. I know! Lohan? Really? I'm literally scared. We'll see. (That's me playing it calm.)

  7. FF,
    I'm dvr'ing that movie Sunday night. I'll report back as soon as I watch it.

  8. Poor Linsdsey! She's such a mess! Not on the same level as Liz. So sad. I hope she can straighten herself out.

  9. Only 20 post to go, yeah FF!! The above post has so many great pictures that it counts for at least three. Your hair looks amazing, and the food pictures fantastic. A happy weekend to the FF clan! xx

  10. no doubt you will make your goal. your photos are fab as always. no one can mix persplex bangles and cheese like you!

  11. Dear Ms FF, This is the thing with children: you feed them and they grow! I was just in M&M shop in Leicester Square and saw perfect umbrella and matching gum boots for tiny girl and then remembered that mine are too big now. Too sad. I am not sure I am Prepared Emotionally re Ms Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor either. Congratulations on the prolific posting. I wonder whether this could be made an Olympic event? We need to diversify our medal opportunities. love Lindaxxx

  12. Dear FF,
    The posts are great to see, every single one and three claps for the speeds and accuracy.
    There's nothing better than the loveliness shown in the pics especially the blog leader.
    As you know I'm not a Miss Lohan fan and Liz would have dismissed her with one glance. Why does Hollywood continue to give women's roles to girls? Tsk tsk.
    I'm here on the sidelines with quinces and champagne and lemon chicken and welsh cakes for your 3rd birthday, nearly there.
    B. x

  13. Love perspex and lucite bangles. For top shelf lucite, Mr FF should look no further than Alexis Bittar for your Christmas present. It's the bizness. Resin bangles are also fab.

    I made the orange cake this week - was a huge hit with all those who ate it. Never fails to impress.

    Off to ice some duck cakes. It never ends here...

    K xx

    1. I second Miss Kitty. Alexis Bittar are the bomb! Happy Blogiversary!!

  14. Wow you have done a great job at blogging - top effort.

  15. Beautiful pics, quality and quantity - keep it up nearly there! L xx

  16. Nice cheeses! No idea about perspex whatsies.

  17. Don't be afraid, FF. Lindsay is actually a good actress. Trust me.

  18. Editions at Merthyr Village has perspex bangles.

  19. FF, I have fallen head over heels in love with your pink stripey espadrilles - can you tell me where you sourced them, or is it a state secret??

  20. I love that you put your mind to something and it gets DONE! You are all over it.

  21. A coup for the blog would be that eggplant pickle recipe. Just looking at it in the jar makes my mouth water.

    I love all the photos, it always makes me feel that my blog is very bare.

  22. Couldn't believe it when I first saw pics of Lindsay as ol Liz.

    I can't keep up with your prolific posting!

    TDM xx


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