Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 White's always good for summer isn't it?

And in Happy News, Foxtel and the Internet are back! My neighbour C texted me the Good News when I was at the Coalface. Hooray.  And Thank Goodness.
That is All.


  1. love your white caftan with bead embellishment. Hooray for the Foxtel and net! Busy night ahead then? xx

  2. Are you feeling better now? You do rock white. I love the concept but am too much of a mucky pup to carry it off.

  3. Those white dresses are lovely and they set off the sparkly neck arrangements to their best advantage.
    I'm thinking you'll be busy posting now that you're reconnected to the blogosphere!

  4. Dearest FF,

    Thank you for the lovely photo of the frangipani flowers - took me right back to wonderful holidays in the Indian Ocean and Seychelles - those were the days.


  5. I do love me some whitey goodness.

    Hooray for conveniences. I'm without Foxtel at the mo.

    TDM xx

  6. Dear FF,
    Luff luff the Marlene Birger caftan on the beach. That is all.
    Kate Bx

  7. Are those lychees destined to become a Martini? Love all your white clothes, especially the ones with sparkle.

  8. FF,
    Over here there's a fashion "rule" that you can't wear white after Labor Day. This is the first weekend in Sept. Not a fan of this rule.

  9. Dear FF,
    I actioned white jeans yesterday and it's just a very happy colour. It just sparkles all by itself.
    Love the baby FF pic at the beach and your kaftan with sparkle screams style.
    B. x


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