Monday, November 19, 2012


 I don't know what the Hell is going on but I am finding myself super attracted to the colour Yellow.
I wonder what it all means?

I don't know about the rest of you but I am 100% sick to death of damaging hail storms that arrive with ferocious wind. Don't even get me started on black outs.
Hope everyone is ok.


  1. I once read that yellow only suits brunettes but that can't be true. I'm embracing it. And have you heard Coldplays live version of their song Yellow? Beautiful.

  2. Yellow is happy! Only so many people can wear it so well, and that includes you. Looking wonderful K xx

  3. The Lemon Leo looks gorgeous in you. You will be pleased to know there is some very cheery Neon Yellow in our new jewellery collection! L xx

  4. Dear FF,
    I've always thought that yellow was a no go zone but hold me back now. I'm so happy to see colour and its just screams happiness. My favourite pic is the pussy bow shirt with the necklace and CC brooch. It screams happiness.
    Loving the posts and thrilled to be a part of the move towards the big number post and birthday.
    B. x

  5. Thanks for all the yellow - it's my favorite. Love that heart ring. Wonder what kind of stone is in it?

  6. Yellow is my 2nd favourite colour! Master 7yr old loves to have lengthy conversations about first, second, third etc "favourites"... Footy teams - I find it difficult to be enthusiastic about that list... But, colours... colours, I can definitely do

    Love the snap of Baby FF's artworks - it's a masterpiece itself!


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