Friday, December 14, 2012


 Channeling a Christmas Bauble? Me too.

 Christmas came early. Thank you Denise from Shop 51 at Toowong, (read their blog here) I luff my bee bag!

 And I especially love these napkins. Thank you! The thank you note's in the post.

 And thank you Janelle (read her blog here) I Luff my Monty Don book! Spoilt.

 Lotus was a Joiner too and gave me these divine coasters. Can't wait to use them.

 Crocus are out.
Enjoy your weekend. I'll be Gardening. What about you?


  1. Your outfit is beautiful.
    We will be socialising relentlessly this weekend.
    Though with a sick child I guess plans may change at any time.
    Have a happy weekend

  2. I'm so glad you got your mitts on that bee clutch, it had your name written all over it.
    Actioning some gardening sounds very industrious yet therapeutic. My weekend will involve catching up for a coffee with a friend, tidying the construction site which is our deck and staring at the almost but not yet but so close it's not funny pool which is booked to have the surface done next week and praying it doesn't rain on that particular day.
    I am counting on dangling my tootsies Christmas day and if I can't things might get ugly.


  3. What completely stunning presents, I'm bowled over by that that wrapping paper too. No Christmas bauble dressing here Ernest Shackleton seems to by my muse just now.

  4. I've got ten people coming for lunch tomorrow then I'm off to a christmas party tomorrow night. So I suspect I will spend half sunday lying in hungover filth then go and get some yum cha. I'm making some of the lunch stuff now... South American Pavlova, pork rillete, cured eye fillet with remoulade, fennel 'slaw, prawns and aioli. Not necessarily in that order.

    1. very curious - what exactly is a South American Pavlova? As the Pavlova is Australian (or of New Zealand origin, if we let them rightfully claim our national dessert), I'm wondering what you add to a South American one.... chillies?

    2. It's not really a pavlova but I think it's an apt description. It's Uruguayan and it's called postre chaja (sp?). Layers of meringue, dulce de leche, fruit (I used mango), toasted peanuts, sponge cake and whipped cream. It tasted quite acceptable really.

  5. No gardening, but I will be visiting Columbia Rd flower market to buy our Christmas arrangement. Love Monty & your sequins look fab.

  6. I wore a gold sparkly top to carols by candlelight last night and my sons said I looked like a disco ball!
    Love the shot of you and the Baby looking at the tree.
    This weekend I'll be Christmas crafting plus a little bit of gardening, and in between that catching up with friends.
    My husband and I realised this week that people who garden always seem to be good kind decent people. Do you agree?

  7. Hot Mamma! You look gorgeous! x KL

  8. Tomorrow is C Day - I am going to attempt to complete all my non-online shopping, do as much advance shopping as possibile for my Christmas DECKadance deck party next Saturday night, clean the house, iron, declutter and then ... sleep ... probably in the fetal position, possibly under the dining table if I can't make my bed! Kaz on the Hill xx

  9. You look fantastic! Better than a chrissy bauble. I wore a besequinned top to my Tupperware party. Why not eh? Your influence again FF!

  10. Your casual gear is definitely v. Christmassy! Lovely gifts - you are being showered! This weekend I have too many social things on. It was looking like a fairly empty weekend, now it's full. I will look like the proverbial snake that swallowed a cow by Sunday evening - too many meals out! xx

  11. Oh, you're very welcome Miss FF. I sent you that Monty Don book for a reason. You'd better study up on it in preparation for a surprise for next May... xx
    PS I did worry it was a bit dated, but it has lots of Montagu's cherished vegetable garden and favourite family recipes. And I couldn't find any of his other books on sale in Melbourne. Clearly all sold out!

  12. FF,
    Love those pics by the tree with you and Little FF. You truly look like real life Barbie!

  13. That's a superior bling top and the bee bag is such a great accessory. Knowing how much you love bees your heart must have been aflutter!
    I am embracing sparkly things too, 'tis the season!
    Best wishes FF.

  14. Love the sparkly top with orange sweater. Does baby FF have a favorite ornament yet? I shall be wrapping presents and then counting them to ensure I have equal qtys for each recipient - or there will be tears! If my math has been off I'm afraid I will need to brave the mall one more time, so fingers crossed I've been prudent in this matter. Enjoy the garden!

  15. You look lovely FF! The baby is suddenly such a little boy now! Can't wait to hear the inevitable funny things he will say! Alas I will be at the coal face tomorrow...

  16. Dear Ms FF, Whenever I see photos of you, I think I must get more colour and light into my wardrobe. You look a treat, as always. Rather dashing tie, Mr FF has on. We are in our last two days in Chile. We are all very sad as Santiago has become our home. Both girls have wept buckets already. Still, I am also looking forward to meeting up with my brother, sister and nieces. Nothing like family at Christmas. I hope that you get to clock some time on the couch between all the engagements. love Lindaxxx

  17. Merry Chrismas Mrs FF

    I reguarly read your blog and don't comment really but your outfit is so splendid, I simply had to this time - you look wonderful! And do does your son. Your blog brings so much colour and inspiration into my rather staid life. Have a lovely holiday and here's to colour, creativity, good health and lots of fun in 2013

  18. You look awesome, those jeans are 11/10 (more in fact). Little boy FF is the sweetest, look at him and the tree. to think he was on his tummy in front of it last year. awh..


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