Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bogus Outfits.

Remember those Halcyon Days when the Baby used to lie immobile beneath the tree? 
Ha! Those Days are Over. He now likes to wreak General Havoc by ripping baubles off the Tree and using them as golf balls. 
I give you Exhibit A:
 Yesterday was my last day at the Coalface for 2012. Frocked up in Old School Diane Von Furstenberg. This was Me:
 I've been getting a spate of weird emails accusing me of concocting Fake Outfit Posts
I know. The Cheek!
Because I am Hardcore into Choice I support anyone's right to action Bogus Outfit Snaps. 
But I do not. Mrs Danvers will vouch for Me.
Wore these Louboutins. I luff them, but given their low heel they weren't that comfy.
 Remember how the Brisbane City Council removed the shelter and seat from my bus stop and replaced them with a Brad Pit poster advertising Chanel no 5? Well they're still missing.
This is the Brisbane City Council's tree:
 I was half expecting it to be decorated with Brad's face.
Apparently it looks better at night when it's all lit up.
Yesterday my team at the Coalface had our end of year morning tea. People went all out with the theming.

 After work we visited friends who are renovating a huge old house. Apparently it's haunted.

 Loved the garden.

 Need a ginger bread house destroyed? I have the Man for You:

 Romy got your card and luff it! Thank you!

 Do you always get asked to bring the same dishes to family parties? Me too. I action the potato salad.
 And the pavlova.

I've got a children's birthday party this afternoon and a fancy pants 40th birthday party tonight. 
What are you kids up to?


  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Christmas.

    In regards to the bogus outfits - can't the emailer see you have better things to do with your time than make up bogus outfits.... Honestly - some people.

    I think your outfits are fab and it never crossed my mind that they were bogus.

    Take care.

    1. because I am highly skilled at Time Management, I have the time to concoct Bogus Getups, but not the Inclination x

  2. Some people are strange. What are your 'real' outfits supposed to be?

    Beautiful photos, love that the baby uses the baubles for golf!

    I am heading up to the hills to set the table for Christmas dinner at my Dad's, while the children ride around the garden on the tractor. Fun for all. Have a great weekend xx

    1. hills sound lovely..

      the kid is ruining all my baubles!

  3. Tell the too-much-time-on-their-hands e-mailer, that you're Faux Fuchsia not Faux Fashion.I think my tree should marry your tree and have baby trees.Mine is so heavily adorned it needs scaffolding.

  4. what exactly is a bogus outfit post? i mean, really?!

    do they mean fake, as in you really don't wear it or fake as in they are not your clothes?

    please advise counsel.

    xo merry christmas lovely

    1. Good question! I thought it meant that I don't really wear them but maybe it's that they aren't mine?

      Meanwhile if anyone wants to send me FREE CLOTHES all I can say is it's about time and Hooray.

  5. I'm with Janet...what is a bogus outfit post? So silly!

    Your parties look fun and festive! And your tree, as usual, is magnificent! It deserves an 11/10!

  6. To the Bogus Outfit Emailer - I can vouch that FF looks this fabulous and more in person. Every time!

    FF - Merry Christmas to you and your family and look forward to some delicious Christmas feast posts! Pip x

  7. I can vouch that they aren't bogus outfits as have seen you in all your glamour one day while walking the Queen Street Mall. I had a chip on my nail at the time so didn't want to stop to say hello. I'm packing for Sydney tonight as we leave on a jet plane first thing tomorrow morning to have Christmas with my sister and neices ... hooray!!! Merry Christmas to one and all.

    1. Anon - I bet FF saw you anyway , she can spot at nail chip at 30 paces!

  8. You should have replied, 'As If' re the bogus accusation, but I know you would be too dignified. Love a gingerbread house but always get quite antsy when I see the children rip them apart so I have to stay away from them. :) x

  9. Hi FF
    Wishing you a fab Xmas. Thanks for the posts! Always bring a smile to my face!
    CD xx

  10. So many things abut this post made me laugh- the Baby with the bauble and golf club, the Bogus Outfits Accusations, expecting the Christmas tree to be decorated with Brad's face!!! So funny!
    Tonight we are having my oldest friends over for dinner and I'm taking a leaf out of your book and setting the table now and prepping dishes.
    Re: bringing a dish to family functions, if you need a cheesecake, I'm your girl.

  11. Happy Christmas dear FF. I too am puzzled by the bogus e mails but then the parrallel universe that is the interweb holds some interesting people. Tell them you will set Mrs Danvers on to them if they continue - that should scare them off.

    Meanwhile we are at our holiday house drawing a few quiet breaths between finishing work and the next round of holiday festivities. walking down to the beach, reading and wrestling unsuccessfully with the cryptic are high on my list.

    Have a lovely day on Tuesday - I so love this time of year! LJD

  12. Bogus outfits? No chance, Sister. You are the real deal. What the hell is wrong with these trolls? I absolutely love your blog, every bit, every day, all the lingo. It's upbeat, fun, funny, informative, and beautiful. Keep it up ...

    Shelley in California

  13. Fake Outfit Posts? HA! They could make better use of their time baking something nice for Christmas.

    Wish I could see a game of bauble putt-putt. That would be hilarious!! Kids are great lateral thinkers.

    I think I could do a pretty good job destroying a giingerbread house too.

  14. Oh the cheek of those fake outfit emailers!

    Baby FF is too cute for words these days. I would have a very hard time telling him off for his misadventures with the baubles...

    May the whole FF family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year break.

    Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in style in the New Year.

    SSG xxx

  15. How funny...bogus outfits!

    I am really loving that old home, the Gold Coast is sadly lacking in beautiful stately old homes xx

  16. I don't really get it. Like you get dressed up all fancy just to take a picture, then you change into jeggings before you actually go out? Or like you just stalk some glamourous stranger and post pictures of her and lie that it's you? What an absurd accusation.

    Those cupcakes look so cute! Then again, they are probably bogus too.

  17. What is a bogus outfit shot? I don't get it. Where you get dressed up with no where to go? Please explain!

  18. Well it looks like the Jig Is Up, Faux Fuchsia (if thats your real name). We all know that you are really a large dark haired short woman who simply hires a beautiful model to showcase Bogus Outfits. I'll need some time to come up with a reason why you do that....


  19. Fake outfits?? How strange. I guess it's some kind of funny little victory if they catch you out by directly accusing you via the email.

    I follow some fashion bloggers that are given free clothes from retailers but I have not seen anybody getting high end designer gear. Maybe you could create a niche where the designers feel you are the one blogger who has to have their labels. It's nice to have a goal.

  20. What is wrong with people. FF it never occurred to me that your outfits might be Faux. But you know what if they were I couldn't give a hoot anyway. I am also hardcore into choice so if you went and gussied yourself just for a photo or for dinner at the White House with Obama, I support you either way. Whatever, Trevor. As they say.

  21. I am so out of touch that I can't figure out what is meant by "fake outfit posts", unless you are taking pictures of Victoria Beckham and superimposing your head over hers. But how can your own clothes be "fake"?
    I love the honeycomb tissue Santa card - in fact I am a sucker for any honeycomb tissue item. Especially Easter Eggs or Christmas Trees.

  22. I just can't believe that trolls are even ripping into you! You are so obviously the real deal in every way - that's why you can be so fab and have so many love you anyway ;)

    As for bogus outfits, who gives a crap if you did them, anyway? It's your life and your blog but I never for one second suspected you of any bogus outfitting...

  23. Oh my goodness - there's hope for me yet! I may only be able to maintain chip-free nails by shelling out the bucks for OPI GelColor every two weeks, and I couldn't hold a candle to you in the fashion/general attractiveness stakes, but I too get asked for the potato salad and pavlova at neighbourhood/family/friends gatherings.

    *gloat* I feel downright fabulous now...

    Most importantly - Merry Christmas and a bright Happy New Year for you and all your loved ones, FF! :-)

  24. FF, Loving your Christmas Tree and your little man is having fun with the decorations!
    Have spent this afternoon enjoying dumpling lunch with my gorgeous daughter, then hours checking out the beautiful fabrics at Tessuti in Surry Hills....came away with lots of gorgeous silks, sadly non are fuschia.
    Merry Christmas to the FF family and keep up the fabulous blogs.
    Lorraine E.

  25. My activities for the evening included a hayride through my neighborhood, to admire the Christmas lights for which we are justly famous (well, locally at least). The guests included my auntie & two uncles, plus my cousin Martha Stewart (only slightly kidding) and some of her family, plus my hubs and teenagers. And one adorable small child, which is a must for a holiday hayride. Then we repaired to my house for wine and snacks. A good time was had by all!

    ---Jill Ann

  26. Dear Ms FF, Sadly, not every workplace embraces beauty and elegance. Possibly, the doubting emailer comes from a very sad office devoid of colour, sparkle and glamour and therefore cannot imagine you in your Coalface. I can attest to the fact that you are very well groomed in the workplace. While I am a bit behind in my FF reading, how did you go this year in the Office Christmas Decoration Competition? I hope you gave the BBQ mob a run for their money. I do love the multipurposing of the Christmas baubles, however, I would be moving the precious ones above the plimsoll line. Our girls having been in the pool with their cousins and are just about to action a Gingerbread House. Tell Little FF to come on over in 30 minutes after we take the photos. love Lindaxxx

  27. Love the big fat Santa card, love the fairy cakes and boo hiss to the emailer, what is wrong with people?

  28. People are silly. Most days you look even better in real life than your pictures! Even if you did decide in the future to wear something borrowed/gifted from a fancy designer how would that be fake - you are still a real person with real style!

    Tonight I am cleaning the house, drinking wine and pottering around on the internet - ahhhh holidays!

  29. Small people with small minds. Keep those outfits coming.
    We made the first Christmas trip to your 'hood today, was fun but grateful for the Parentals switching on the aircon. Back on Tuesday for the big event. Actioned your necklace too.

  30. Haha I am laughing at anonymous Harriet's comment. The jig is up...... Funny

  31. But you've been presenting yourself beautifully since the days of the frog-green Bally bag! Why would you need to fake what you already do/

    Anyhoo, I'm off to bake some rudolf rolls (venison & cranberry sausage rolls) and going to a Christmas party tonight.

  32. What in gods name is a bogus outfit??? Does emailer think you're trying to pass your high street labels off as high end. Don't they know you are the queen of mixing it the hell up? I'm lost.

    Have a nice weekend, we're taking it easy lead up to christmas and all. xx

  33. I misread the title of your post initially as Bogan Outfits! Wonder if the emailer thinks you also do bogus Xmas trees and meals and have bogus friends ..... you could start the Bogus Blog.

  34. Is this emailer purporting that you've been sneaking around in the black and grey power suits?!? That you carefully assemble a colourful outfit, put it on, take a photo then whip it off and put on something else before you leave the house? Why would anyone even think someone would do this? But more to the point, what a nerve to send you emails to this effect... clearly they don't have enough to do with their time!!

  35. Did you say haunted house? Love a spooky home. Apparently there is one in our street. There is an old lady ghost that lives in a cupboard and she tosses her empties (an alcoholic ghost) out into the yard.

    What's with the bogus outfit accusations? Such a strange thing to put in an email to someone...funny though. xx

  36. I don't understand some people...never will.
    Really what are bogus outfits?
    Your dress and necklace combo are perfect together as are those shoes.
    (I like lower heels!)
    Happy Holidays!

  37. I always action a trifle for Christmas day with the family - and every year I think I'm ready for a variant but I always return to the traditional one . Mini jam sponge rolls, peaches, sherry, custard, cream, toasted almonds - NO JELLY! It's a hit and I use my special trifle bowl. Only happens once a year! You are nothing if not consistently glamourous - I tend to boho glam on the last day just to feel a bit festive. I'm at work tomorrow, it was rumored the Minister wanted to come and visit the people! What I said the ten of us likely in the entire department building!! Have a wonderful Christmas FF and family.

  38. sad world, take no notice...why do they go on your blog negative people....merry xmas

  39. Hi FF
    I've lived abroad so long I'd quite forgotten 80 degree Christmas holidays, faux trees and cold sunshine being an oxymoron. I remember fondly our silver tinsel tree. Those were the days. Your photos reminded me of times long past and Boxing Day beach parties.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    xxoo Philadelphia

  40. My children are also great destroyers of gingerbread houses. We had lunch out today with our rascals and I'm going to action some New Zealand mussels for dinner. Don't worry I've got the NZ sauv blanc coming home from the Happy Store soon.
    I was just thinking of you as I looked at our Christmas tree, I don't want to disturb you but I think it's under-decorated. I'm planning to go out on the 26th to buy up all the good ornaments on sale.
    Have fun at your party!

  41. I'm up to my eyeballs in entertaining. Just occurred to me that tomorrow (or big Christmas lunch) will see me whacking a turkey in the oven at 6am. Which means stuffing the bastard IN THE 5's! What was I thinking? Have fun FF x

  42. Bogus Outfit Posts? Hilarious! Maybe they thought you were "doing a Blair Eadie"?

    I've been staying in a beautiful hotel in South Yarra for a little Chrissy rest... Had a meeting with my literary agent, caught up with 2 friends, went for runs, went shopping, walked into the city and smelled the jasmine along the way, smiled at the trams, remembered my lovely old life before family and adult responsibilities and businesses intervened! Everybody should have some indulgent time at Christmas, I think...

    Received your lovely card. Thank you. FF Baby is surely the most beautiful child in the world! You could make money out of him? In fact, HE should be in the Chanel ad, not Brad! That baby is so cute he could sell world peace. Oh – and thank you for the lovely words about my book too. So kind. Sending you a big hug of love and thanks at Christmas. xx

  43. Ha! I wonder if your e-mailers think you get up early, put on some nice clothes, snap a few pictures and then change into some stained old sweats for the rest of the day. Actually it's kind of a compliment that they think you couldn't possibly look so fabulous all of the time!

  44. Recovering from a B&S style 40th birthday party in the country last night where I may have reverted to behaviour dating back to my misspent youth....I even discoed to Khe Sanh....was just like the olden days, except that there's no overlooking the fact that no one (including me) looks 20 anymore, damnation! Glad you liked the card, thank you so much for yours too, the combination of your tree and baby are utterly gorgeous. Rx

  45. Please, oh please post photos of your Christmas Day outfit! Can't wait to see. Following your lead I'll be actioning a little silk!
    Merry christmas to you and yours!

  46. Bogus outfits?! Bizarre and negative. How sad for someone to be so negative, especially at Christmas time! One can only feel sorry for those "trolling" around at Christmas time leaving such comments. There is too much of it going on in my opinion. What is a bogus outfit anyway? you are either wearing it or you are not. Do all models wear bogus outfits too? The FF baby is hilarious! Mx

  47. Two things.

    1. The Brisbane city tree is the ugliest, saddest tree I have ever seen.
    It doesn't look better at night.
    The fact that it is solar powered does not make up for its shortcomings.

    2. I once lived in a haunted house.

    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  48. A bit late here I know. Ha! Such hilarious comments from everyone! Bogan outfits, getting changed into jeggings! So funny.

  49. HA HA, at least MasterFF actually puts those baubles to use as golf balls. My Chubster just likes to throw them around for the hell of it while my Bubba laughs in the background, he thinks I don't know that it's him that instigates things.

    This bogus outfit business is ridiculous. I wonder if the person who left you that comment is the same person who left me a comment saying how were people supposed to be sure that I wear my outfits when I don't post pics of me in said outfits out and about. I had to laugh at it.

    By the way, love that pineapple shaped pink lamp of yours!



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