Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve.

Happy Christmas Eve. Yesterday we had a small family lunch and then went to a big extended family dinner. I spent the morning cooking which I luffed. So soothing.
Here's something for the Vegetarians:

This turkey arrangement was 11/10
Clocked lots of time with Mum.

This is my Uncle. Ham Handling. As opposed to Pan Handling.

This is us with my Grandfather

I actioned the pav and My Aunt made the best boiled Christmas Pudding
This morning we did some last minute Christmas shopping. If anyone needs a Faux Kate Spade scarf for $8, get thee to Kmart.
Bought Le Child some cute sneakers.
Wrapped my body weight in presents.
L dropped some brandy cherry chocs round. Thank You!

 I've given everyone a sitting-on-a-made-bed-pardon. I feel exemptions are Important on Christmas Eve don't you?
Tonight I'll be making the stuffing for our 4 kilo turkey and drinking champagne while Mr FF makes me dinner. I've requested a simple pasta because it's not even the 25th and I am already  a tiny bit sick of eating turkey and ham. I know. Through the Looking Glass People. Tomorrow I'll be roasting a turkey, baking a pav and having a family lunch. Then we'll catch up with our friends in the afternoon.
In sad news I cannot find chestnuts for love or money. Drat.
Christmas can be Hard and Lonely and Stressful. God only knows I've had my Share. I hope yours will be ok. If it's looking Grim I hope it passes quickly.
So Happy Christmas. Some people say Cheers when they toast, but we never do.
We always say Happy Times.
Happy Times FF Readers.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Times to you too!

  2. I don't comment often, but just felt the need to say Happy Times/Cheers back to you! Thanks for the quality blogging this year, I've loved reading it all.

  3. Dear Ms FF, Goodness, we are yet to action our turkey, glazed ham etc. We have 12 for lunch tomorrow but there will be the Stalwarts (my stepmum, my sister and I) in the kitchen so I am not anticipating any mishaps that a glass of champers will not remedy (My father bought the Yuppie stuff, so he says!!!). I was just talking to my husband today about how we were never allowed to sit on our beds at boarding school - clearly you are cut from the same cloth! I do like the fact that you make Strategic Exceptions to the Rules - I find that an essential part of motherhood! I am loving this Christmas season - everyone at the shops in Canberra and Queanbeyan has been simply delightful - really warm and friendly. I wish you, dear Ms FF and the FF community a wonderful Christmas, not too warm for us Aussies and not too cold for the Northerners. I hope that Santa is very good to us all as we have of course been very good (Mastercard bills notwithstanding) and that we can bask in the reflected love and good humour of our rellies at this wonderful time. love Lindaxxx
    PS It is raining again. Am I really in Australia?

  4. Happy Times to you and your loved ones.

  5. Happy Times and Merry Christmas to the FF family. It all looks lovely, especially your little man tumbling on the bed. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  6. Happy Christmas FF- thank you for the happiness your blog brings to me. I love every post and think toddlerFF is adorable. My lovely baby boy is now 22 and I miss the early days a lot! Try to enjoy every moment now- I did that and feel that living in the moment is key.
    My big boy is still lovely and loves his Mumma , what more can one ask- a bright kind loving grown up baby at the other end. Treasure it all! Thanks FF. Sara Pink

  7. Merry Christmas xx

    Mum makes terrine and various boned and stuffed turkey, chicken and duck... Sausage and lemon stuffing, cranberry stuffing, pistachio and pork stuffing. We eat it cold and she has been cooking it today. Having the self restraint not to hack off a chunk is very difficult.

  8. I have never seen so many presents in all my life! Look at you, what a picture in that gorgeous dress. No white christmas here, just lashings of rain.

    I've never made a pav, I fear meringue making.

  9. Oh my goose is in the oven having a pre cook today, I can't wait to devour its juicy goodness!

  10. Happy times and a Very Merry Christmas to you too FF! Thank you for giving us so much entertainment for another year!x

  11. Christmas greetings to you and yours. We're going solo on the back deck for lunch and out for a party for dinner. We've had our first, much needed rain and that is all the presents we want. Tinder dry up here in the north. XO

  12. You (and your Pav!) look wonderful as ever.. Wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow and a good 2013. XXXX

  13. Merry Christmas to you K. And Happy Times.


  14. Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  15. Merry Christmas to you all..!! Enjoy this festival with Branding Sydney.

  16. Merry Christmas to you all.
    Enjoy this festival with branding Sydney.

  17. Joyeux Noël from Paris where we're having the warmest Christmas ever. I'm sure it's your influence, you really reach parts other bloggers don't reach !xx

  18. merry christmas my dear friend. i just received your card. so darling. happy times! xo

  19. Ah, the magic of christmas. Love it, happy times to you and the FF family too. x

  20. We say Kampai which is Japanese for cheers.
    Wishing you and yours a lovely Chrissy day. Will be my first ever Christmas without mum so I'll be taking a deep breath in the morning and no doubt feeling a little lost. All I can say is thank God for my darling children and husband.

  21. merry xmas FF to you and yours and all the FF "family". you have given us all a lot of pleasure and joy this year in what has been a tough time for alot of people
    cheers and best wishes to all

  22. Merry Christmas and happy times to you and your family

  23. Merry Christmas FF. Yes, it's the greatest and worst time of year... Happy times to you and yours. xx

  24. Dear FF wishing you and yours a Christmas of love and delight, and of course a glass or two of bubbles! xx

  25. Happy Times to you and your family FF! Your Christmas tree is 11/10!!

  26. Merry Christmas lovely FF and Family.

  27. Beautifully moist-looking turkey! And fab pav. Merry Christmas to all Chez Fuchsia.

  28. Dear FF, Great finishing thoughts - I just keep thinking, this time tomorrow it'll all be over!!

    I made it through my 40th and channeled you by accessorizing both wrists!!

    Have yourself a wonderfully happy time tomorrow - Enjoy.

    Thank you for all your great posts in 2012.


    That Pav looks extremely divine, even for breakfast, which is what time it is here in Cali.
    Everything on your post is so colorful and summery-ENJOY! We are knee deep in dark, thick fog but
    Sending love and raising my cuppa tea to you from Montecito!
    xx S.P.

  30. Merry Christmas, FF!
    You look lovely in that pink dress.
    xo, A

  31. Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones FF !
    And thank you for another year of fabulous posts which always cheer me up in these troubled times.


  32. Dear FF Family. Have a lovely Christmas. My glasses were a bit smudged and I thought you wrote you always toast to "happy trees" . Given it's Christmas and the tree does bring a lot of happiness with its lights, decorations and gifts underneath I too wish you happy trees as well as happy times!!!! Love LJD

  33. Happy Christmas dear FF, love from all at Blighty HQ xx

  34. Merry Christmas FF to you and your family! I always say 'cheers' so I will raise my glass and say cheers to you!
    Judy xx

  35. Happy Times to you all FF and Merry Christmas!!

    I love the bed wrestles. Talk about relaxing the rules, but I know Christmas is all that!

    I am grateful but also mindful of all those who find Christmas a difficult season. xx

  36. Merry Christmas FF. You are so inspiring.

  37. Happiest of Holidays to you and your family.
    I hope that you have a fun day with baby FF, he's about the right age to be really excited and animated. Kids make the Holidays so much more fun.

  38. Happy times dear FF! Thanks for a lovely year of inspiration. I wish you a wonderful time with your sweet family.


  39. Happy Christmas FF! Thank you for your charming blog. It has cheered and inspired me immensely this year. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us during 2013!

  40. Happy Christmas dear FF. We say "Slainte" which means something like "Good health" in Irish. So "Slainte" to you and your kin xxx

  41. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Everything looks fabulous, have a most wonderful time! xxx

  42. Merry Christmas FF. Hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends. Ho, ho, ho.
    Best, BB from Melbourne X

  43. Belated Merry Christmas to you and your family FF :)
    Your pav looks to be the business!
    Love the look of that special blingy bauble of yours. I want to wear it around my neck!!! :p


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