Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dinner. And an Exclusive Jean Brown Offer.

Had friends for dinner. Served cold food because this heat is diabolical.
Wore Halston Heritage
Luffed this Lily Pulitzer dress that M wore-

Bought these earrings in 2003 from Sportsgirl to wear to my 31st birthday party. I know. Stalwarts.

I just cannot stop thinking about those children and their teachers in America. 
The World has gone mad.
Watched the last episode of the Sopranos again. It remains my favourite show of all time.
Still can't decide if Tony gets taken out or not. 

My friends baked me a gorgeous custard and raspberry tart! The pastry was 11/10!
Meanwhile, Jean Brown has Good News for You (let's face it, we need some)
Want 25% off already reduced Sale Items at Jean Brown online? Me Too!
Jean Brown is offering Faux Fuchsia Blog readers an exclusive online Christmas Treat-
Enter Code FF25 at the check out to receive 25% off sale items.
It's only available on sale items on Tuesday 18th December to Thursday 20 December, so Hurry!
Click the Link here to shop.
Complimentary gift wrapping is available for all purchases.
Run Don't Walk!
These are Troubled Times. Be kind to those you love.
And Accessorise Hard.


  1. superb styling all around FF ;-)

  2. I'd love dinner at your place, you always provide a gorgeous spread!

  3. I can't stop thinking about those poor children either :(

  4. FF, if you love The Sopranos I would highly recommend The Wire. It's different to The Sopranos but very Gritty with the same brilliant storytelling.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to the JB website!

    1. Love Love Love The Wire. also love Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and Homeland.


    2. India,
      Except for The Wire, I love and have watched every episode. Suggesting to hubby tonight to watch The Wire.

    3. omg, I love the wire too. apparently its Obama's favourite tv show too...

  5. The heat is overwhelming here and I don't mind complaining about it. I am contemplating a move to Tasmania. Hosted two dinner parties last week and gazpacho featured. This is the time to acknowledge the power of cold meals. The custard and raspberry tart looks so delicious.

    1. I'm with you in the move to Tassie. its unbearable here.

  6. Such a fantastic deal, will have to buy Mum's Christmas present today! Dad will love the bargain!!! Charlotte xx

  7. I am a sucker for bright colours and always love seeing your blog photos!!!

    I also can't stop thinking about all those children. Taken so young and in such a brutal and barbaric way. It is unnatural for a parent to bury their kid, but to bury their kid after such a thing is just beyond comprehension. My head and heart hurts so much when I think about it. It just makes me want to hug my kids even more.

  8. Am with you, have been thinking about that poor community all weekend too, have been so emotional about it.
    Your photos as usual look beautiful and am pleased you're spending time with good friends FF. Take care and have a great week x

  9. I'm in constant awe of your mid-week entertaining. You look glorious in that dress.

    I never got into the Sopranos. It was always on too late and changed time slots too often. However I've just discovered Breaking Bad, it is fantastic.

  10. Love your friend M's dress, and all your arrangements for dinner - looks lovely as always. V. sad re the latest American shooting. Hopefully this will be the impetus needed to change the gun laws. I'm happy that it will squash any more agitating from the gun lobby in Australia - they were starting up again over the past few weeks to wind back on the Howard reforms after the Port Arthur shooting. Worrying. xx

  11. Love that Lily Pulitzer dress. Off to search the web now...

  12. I love the effort that you make for your dinner parties!

  13. ...getting back to the charger plates..there were only 4 left at KMart, but I did manage to get a set of 10 silver ones from Myer. After the main course do you leave the charger plate on the table for dessert or remove them? I've got Xmas day in mind where we will be eating a very large two course meal.

    Love The Sopranos, especially the earlier seasons. My all-time-favourite would have to be Arrested Development.

    Meg in St L

  14. Dear FF, I used your Jean Brown sale code today to purchase my first YSL clutch. I love it!! I will gaze at it during anxious christmas times with my inlaws as a pretty distraction. Thks Steff x

    ps apologies if this ends up being a double comment, I seem to have lost one already.

  15. Why are you so hot Brisbane? Why?

    I love both those dresses.
    And the Sopranos.

  16. FF,
    In that final episode, where Tony's family is sitting in the restaurant - that place was down the block from my parents' house where I grew up. We always went there - it is more of what we call an ice cream parlor. My mom's favorite was the pineapple sundae. My dad would go there and pick it up for her. Now they have a Sopranos tour that takes you to all the landmarks, including this place.

    Can I tell you - my Italian friends hate that show. That type of influence is alive and doing business here in our neck of the woods.

  17. I'm so glad the treats arrived safe and sound! I hope Baby FF and the Phoenixes enjoy!

    What is with raspberries at the moment? I can buy FOUR punnets for $10!! That's post-Christmas sale prices! Usually they are like $100 each. Going mad on them, I tell you...

    Kitty x

  18. Please advise what is underneath the caviar tartlets - creme fraiche? they look divine.... will be actioning same for christmas lunch.



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