Sunday, December 16, 2012


Devoted a big chunk of my life yesterday to the Garden. Given all the effort I put in it still looks Disappointingly Mediocre. Went to Bunnings 1st thing in the morning to buy some Ready Made Plants. I usually rely on cuttings and seeds because plants are so Prohibitively 'Spensive but Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures People. Removed 598 spiderwebs, pruned like a woman possessed, mulched with sugar cane mulch (luff that stuff), potted up ready made plants and had a Good Old General Tidy.
Talk about Satisfying.
Someone asked what I wear to action the Gardening. Good Question. Here's a Visual:
Ha! As if !
Gardening's filthy hard work, especially in 100% humidity and boiling heat.
 I wear old ratty gardening clothes a big hat sneakers and gardening gloves.
Glamorous it isn't.
See this frock? It's by Alice and Olivia and  was sourced on the cheap from Gilt for $50 when international shipping was free. It was 2 sizes too big so I never wore it but yesterday I finally got out ye olde needle and thread and actioned some faux tailoring.
Poinsettias scream Festive don't they?

Planted up some sun tolerant cordylines to shove in the bare patches created by those evil and destructive bush turkeys

If you've been to Honkers, you know how much they luff and embrace a Festival. This is the fabulous tree at the bottom of my sister's flat in the Midlevels. I know. It's Stunning.
Has any seen Paris Manhattan?
Any good?
Christmas Shopping finished?
Everything wrapped?


  1. Sounds like you've been very industrious in the garden FF! The flowers look beautiful and are so cheering!

  2. Beautiful christmas tree - heading to Hong Kong next Saturday to spend Christmas with some Aussie friends from Brisbane. Christmas shopping all done thanks to Outnet/Gilt, Strawberry net. and the Shanghai Tang 'Friends & Family ' Sale yesterday - plus the piece de resistance..Chopard had a VIP sale on Friday - 55% off jewelry & 75 % off accessories sale here in Shanghai, so Santa was very kind to me as well plus Santa has the best taste in presents ..internet shopping is the only way to survive living in China if you don't want to buy everyone cheap trinkets.

    Will head to Wagyu for dinner for you...

  3. Haven't finished shopping, nothing wrapped, sick baby, argh! I myself adopt the floor length gown, fur stole and opera glasses look whenever I'm groveling around on the ground pulling weeds and such. Hee hee.

  4. Love your frock, and am impressed by your handiness with a needle and thread. I'm sure your garden will be looking like Eden in no time!

    I've put up my tree, and spent the day yesterday wrapping gifts to go under it. I have only to finish off my Christmas Cards and I'm pretty much done.

  5. I love Gilt!!

    Your garden is fabulous.

    SSG xxx

  6. Love that dress! So bright and cheerful.
    I think your garden is lovely. I wish I had the space and motivation for gardening.

  7. Love the A+O dress - very pretty. I need to do a bit of gardening. Mine's looking somewhat lacklustre this week. I'm sure yours will reward your hard work and put out a few blooms xx

  8. Gardens need so much water to look fabulous. We've been watering our new grass like crazy and all the shrubs near it look so healthy... It's another story in other parts of our yard though.
    We went to Bunnings too and bought a cuphea shrub shaped like Xmas tree to shove near the front entrance. We need to mulch the garden beds,so thanks for the reminder.

    That dress is just gorgeous on you by the way.

  9. I have actioned 90% of the gift wrapping and purchasing (yay to Mr C for taking the small people out yesterday afternoon, I wrapped presents like a woman possessed), only two lone gifts left to purchase and I am DONE.

    Had a lovely day today at a christmas party with a pool. I do so luff a pool on a hot day. How you can garden in these temperatures is Beyond Me.


  10. LOVE the hot pink peeptoes! And I have to say your faux tailoring looks pretty damn fine - I mean the dress doesn't even look remotely too big for you.

  11. Paris Manhattan is a bit ho hum as movies go. The women in the film all look gorgeous but the story line is dodgy.

  12. Absolutely love that floral frock, FF - gorgeous

    I do believe this Christmas, I am the most disorganised I have ever been *sigh* - I adore Christmas, but this year I am feeling very overwhelmed!


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