Sunday, December 9, 2012

Navy Blue Sequins.

Love Navy Blue? Never met a Sequin you couldn't connect emotionally with? Then come and sit next to Me. Meanwhile today the Baby clocked some Park Time with his cousins who are in town for a whistle stop visit.
Look how sweet he looks with Mr FF's nephews:

I don't know why, but I am luffing a Miscellaneous Breton Style navy and white stripe at the moment.
On Friday night the Coalface held it's Christmas Do. I calculated that this was my 16th.
The Hungarian to the Stars and I reminisced about how back in the day when we were Whippersnappers, we used to be the youngest people there. 
Ha! These days we are The Old Ducks.
Remember this caftan arrangement that I wore to Old Lotus's wedding?

Well I wheeled it out again on Saturday to wear to Old Mr FF's chamber lunch.
I matched the food. Which was Sensational.
This one loved all the Christmas accoutrements and theming. Mr FF's colleague actually found him a step ladder so he could get closer to the action!

On Saturday night we hosted a mini Christmas party. Here I am with Old Zsa Zsa ("Hungarian to the Stars")  again

The Mini Hungarian and our little Boy are Deadset Fond of each other.

In accordance with my request (Order) Old Zsa Zsa brought her World Famous potato salad. I could live off this stuff.

I hate to introduce a sad note, but I cannot stop thinking about Daniel Morcombe.  The Courage and Stoicism shown by his Family is Incredible. For those living overseas, Daniel Morcombe was abducted 9 years ago when he was waiting for a bus to go to the shops to buy his family Christmas presents. His remains were found last year and his funeral was held on Friday. His parents have become crusaders for Child Safety.
 Some people are dealt such cruel hands.


  1. How lovely of that gentleman to find a ladder for the baby. I love kind people.

    And look how he received a Christmas kiss from Baby H! (Who has beautiful hair, btw.)

    Final note - always love hot pink and tangerine together, and you and Miss Blair Eadie (Atlantic-Pacific) pull the combo off like nobody else. Diana V would be proud of you. (Have you seen Prada's 'Candy' perfume? even they've copied the look.)


  2. My God, you've been busy! My heart is a puddle on the floor after the photos of Baby FF gazing at the pool and smooching the Mini Hungarian.

    I wore my red Daniel Morcombe Foundation shirt on Friday. Their faith and courage is something else and their Child Safety work is inspiring.

  3. The Morcombes' are truly inspirational - when I see the two of them going about their crusade with such grace and dignity, it is humbling.

  4. I don't know how people can survive such a tragedy ; they are so brave. Living not knowing what became of your child and waiting in hope and despair at the same time is the worst thing that could happen to a parent and then when the child is found dead ... Although my daughter is an adult now, I feel I would go mad if anything like that happened to her. xx

  5. Bless that family, the fact that they are taking time in their grief to campaign for Child Safety is so inspiring.

    Your post is so festive, thank you, and we must be on the same wavelength, I think navy sequins are so gorgeous, I've got a navy sequin cardigan you would love.

  6. Hi faux,my family ie daughters and son came to our house this afternoon and said Oh mum you have faux fuschianised the Christmas decor this year . Thank you FF.

  7. I am drawn to navy at the moment, can't stop buying it. Love a Breton stripe too. Those parties look fun- I hear you re: being the old ducks- I work with girls who were born in 1992 & 1994!! Can you believe it! I feel positively Ancient!

  8. I just love how glamorous you are - all the pink and orange is deadset cheerful. Baby FF so sweet with his petite amie!

  9. I hadn't heard that his remains had been identified. His poor parents, all those years they must have held out a glimmer of hope.

  10. FF,
    Stories of missing children occur far too often in all corners of the world. Kids get plucked right out of their beds over here sometimes. Makes me want to hug my kids a little tighter.

  11. Navy+sequins=perfection.

    I do not know how The Morcombes have put one foot in front of the other for the past 9 nine years ... Let alone campaigned to help save other kids. Modern day saints.

  12. Have I missed the announcement of the blog's 3rd birthday fantastic giveaway winners?

  13. Mini FF and mini Hungarian are the cutest. Love the father son matching.

  14. Mini FF and Mini Hungarian are the cutest. Love the father- son matching.

  15. Never met a Navy Blue I didn't like. It may yet beat Pink in the Colorlympics.

  16. Those photos of Christmas do's brought on a wave of fondness and nostalgia for a Brisbane Christmas, like nobody's business! I can feel and smell the moisture in the air, and want to pluck that BBQ snausage of that plate, as I sit here in rainy and cold Vancouver.

    The poor Morcombes - what a desperately sad thing for all of them. Their dignity is remarkable.


  17. that story breaks my heart. brings thing into focus too.
    so much tragedy in the world.

    but thankfully you've cheered me with your beautiful photos of your beautiful family and friends. much love, j

  18. The little Boy I adorable. Had a smile at the photo of him on the step ladder.

    Loving your sequins.

    SSG xxx

  19. Looking gorgeous as ever!
    Loving the photos, specially the two children together and matching FF men shirts!
    And yes, totally admire the Morcombe family. Such a sad thing to happen to an obviously loving family, they are SO brave and continue to be so. Filled with admiration for them.
    Love Judy xx

  20. It's a tragedy for all of us when these things happen, not just for the family - it takes almost herculean efforts to channel that kind of pain into something as noble as this. Re baby FF - you may want to start practicing how to console all the broken hearts this little charmer is going to leave in his wake. I know you'll teach him to be kind. I love Christmas in a warm climate where you can wear chiffon all day.

  21. I echoed your navy and white breton stripes on the weekend. I was a lot less glamourous than you though thanks to a spewy baby.

    Your christmas party marathon continues and you are still smiling - good sign.

    The Morcombes have strength beyond humanity to not only survive the past years but to have worked so tirelessly for other childrens safety is incredible. I hope they find some peace.

  22. Sounds like you guys have been very busy. I do love a Christmas party or two, or three.

    Baby (Toddler) FF and his little girlfriend are so sweet.
    Sequins look so good on you. Love Baby and Mr FF's matching, very charming indeed.

  23. Yikes, Baby FF is looking soooo very grown up, what lovely hair he has! And already he is charming the ladies. Heartbreaker! xxx

  24. What a sad story, closure at last, must be a relief on some level.

    I do think you look fabulous in your navy sequins!
    Looks like you've been enjoying a busy social life...
    take care

  25. Jeepers - you've been busy! Love your outfit, but I've said it once, and I"ll say it again, sequins hurt. You've clearly got a higher pain threshold than me. Or you don't mind suffering for your sequins. Love the pic of baby FF with cousins. too cute. xx

  26. For me the particular heartbreak in the Morcombe case comes from knowing that little innocent boy was heading off to buy presents for his family when he was taken. Something so sweet and loving turned into something so horrific. Just awful and still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. What courageous and remarkable people his parents are.

  27. For the record, I like navy more than black, especially with our harsh sunlight.
    I'd say we don't know the half of what the Morcombes have been through. At least now they have somewhere to go and visit Daniel, which must be of some comfort to them.

  28. Same. I cry whenever I see Daniel's family on the news, it's just an awful awful thing to happen.
    Great photos as usual FF, have a lovely week xx

  29. Losing a child is the worst thing I can imagine happening to me. I hope they have some closure now the funeral is over, if possible.
    Your festivities look delightful as usual. Navy stripes are attractive, I luff them sick and wear my striped skirt a gazillion times a week. Unhygienic I know.

  30. I love navy blue! I never met a sequin I couldn't connect emotionally with! I'm luffing a navy and white striped cardi lately too ($10 at Big W!!). I need to get my hands on that navy sequinned top/dress thing.

    Awful about Daniel Morcombe, I will never forget all those Missing Person announcements when he first went missing. So sad. His family have been v brave.

  31. Love the photo of Mr FF and FF junior in their matching shirts! Also the photo of little FF and mini Hungarian to the Stars is absolutely gorgeous.
    I have so much reapect for Daniel's parents, the way they have empowered children with awareness and strategies to protect themselves. They are so incredibly brave.

  32. It is impossible to imagine the nightmare the poor boy's family has to endure, life can be so very cruel. You were tripping the light fantastic at the coalface's party, love the kaftan xx

  33. Navy blue and sequins, you are speaking my language FF! And such magnificent parties. We are such a tiny place we are just going out for lunch. We don't even need to book anything, just pick what we feel like on the day.

    I think the Morecomes are just inspirational. How they turned the most horrific tragedy into something positive is amazing.

  34. Dear FF,
    What's not to love about a post that starts with navy and a the tassel necklace.
    Love the pic of baby FF with Mr FF in matching - it actually brought a tear to my ear, cute factor 11/10.
    Loving the party pics sick. The outfits are the best ever from all concerned.
    Here today it's the first day of school holidays. Look out summer here we come.
    My heart breaks for the Morcombe family. The loss of their child must be so much, I'm aching just thinking about the pain they have endured.
    B. x

  35. Dear Ff,
    I am haunted by the Daniel Morecombe story but utterly in awe of his parents courage and determination for justice and their efforts to prevent this heinous act from occuring again.
    Kate Bx

  36. Agree re Morcombes. Those parents are an inspiration.

    Might Zsa Zsa share her spud salad recipe in manner of a guest post?


  37. Dear FF, Just catching up on all your posts. It's such a crazy time of year. I adore your new coral necklace. It's perfect with the navy sequins..

    Congrats on the blog anniversary! I'm late to the party.

    So sad to hear that story. Bless his poor family. I can't even imagine..


  38. I luff orange and Navy! Some great photos there. You have such wonderful photos of toddler ff! He is so adorable!

    Morcombes - they are unbelievable. I often think of Daniel when making decisions when it comes to the children. They can be gone/hurt in a flash. What is so upsetting about the Morcombes is that so many people could have acted on their intuition but they didn't. And the bus driver? I couldn't live with myself. So incredibly sad. They have done so much to raise awareness and who only knows how many lives have been saved due to their loss.

  39. If I knew where you lived i would steal that navy sequined frock!

  40. I remember driving through Burleigh and seeing a big road sign, in lights, saying "Have you seen Daniel Morcombe?" Daniel and his family have never been far from my thoughts ever since... The horror and the utter heartbreak - too much to fathom

    Absolutely love your navy sequins - you look stunning

    And, the pics of the cousins and Mr FF & Baby FF - just gorgeous

  41. I have always felt so gutted about Daniel Morcombe as my son, the light of my life, was his age at the time. I look at my beautiful young man at 21 and I think of what they have missed and the life Daniel was denied. It is too too awful. As another post said, I don't know how you are expected to put one foot in front of the other. My heart just breaks for them and every parent who has to bury a child. LJD

  42. I just realised that you are nearly at the 4.5 million page view mark!!! That is surely cause for more celebrations!

  43. I agree with Nikki - the Morcombes are modern day saints. To be able to campaign for child safety in the face of unspeakable grief is something that sets them apart from many people.

  44. The story of Daniel is heart breaking to say the least.
    I'm also feeling very emotional at the moment about the stories of abuse at the hands of those entrusted to take care of children. I can't come to terms with the injustice - imagine a poor child who had been orphaned and then to be abused in care..makes me weep.

  45. Hi FF! You look gorgeous, I love those colours on you. (orange, pink, blonde).

    I am sure you heard about the tragedy –  2DayFM's hoax call. What is your or you friend's opinion? Did you discuss it with your friends?


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