Sunday, December 16, 2012


Saw Paris Manhattan today with my friends. A much better flick than to Rome with Love. The clothes, furniture, hair and window treatments are all Superior.
Meanwhile today was beautiful but By God it was Hot.

I luff that shop DIG. Everything always looks gorgeous

Last night at the last minute we invited friends for dinner on the off chance that they might be free. They were. Hooray. Lucky we'd never knowingly undercater. This was Me:

Say what you will about these 5 year old Sergio Rossis, they've been Good to Me.

Embracing Christmas Food with every cell and fibre of your being? Me too.
But in worrying news I cannot find those cherry liqueur chocs for love or money.
Where are they?
Vegetarians Look Away Now! Avert your little Eyes!
Because yesterday in between the Garden Frenzy I actioned some Ham Handling
And I'm luffing our festive plates sick.Maybe I'll use them all year round in 2013

Luff the fountain at the back of DIG. You can just tell they aren't being over run with bush turkeys. Jealous.

Skyped my sister in London this morning. She has a real tree and it looks beautiful.
And this is my sister in Hong Kong's Tree. It's real too. Luff it as well. I always wish we lived in the same place but I feel this so much more at Christmas.

Am reading this book. Janelle's blog's on my side bar (Library of Design). Bought it years ago. Who'd've thought we'd get to know each other through our blogs?
This week is my last week at the Coalface and then it's Christmas. Can't believe how fast 2012 has flown.
It's been a big year for me in so many different ways. Returning to work after the Magic of maternity leave and turning 40 and all.
And I hate to introduce a sad note but I cannot watch the news about the children and teachers massacred in American without crying.
So cruel.


  1. Woolworths Noosaville has a stockpile, I repeat, a stockpile of the cherry liqueur chocs, let me know if you need some express posted.

    And with reference to current events in the US, my heart is so heavy :(
    And there are simply no words :(

  2. Thanks for trying to cheer us up with these pictures of your garden and other pretty things.
    Luff your dress it's so festive.
    It's been such a sad weekend and it's been hard to sleep thinking about what happened.

  3. Agree FF. So sad. I look at the photos of the dear beautiful little children killed, all so much loved by their families, and the tears come into my eyes.

    Thank the Lord we have gun control legislation in Australia! It's so terrible that in the US all kinds of people can buy dangerous weapons. When will they learn! How many innocents, specially children, have to die before they get rid of this crazy belief that people should have the right to bear arms. Erase it from the constitution before more innocent people die!

  4. I wanted to comment on my favourite photo you have shared, but then I realised I can't choose, I love them all! x

  5. Yes its terrible the shooting in th eUS. I do agree with anonymous.

    how good does your pink top look with the orange scarf

    Bought a pair of shoe coloured "citrus" today must be your influence

  6. you and your garden are beautiful.

    i will only say that what happened here on friday has left this country is utter disbelief and crushing grief.

    no one i know knows what to do. you can't watch the news b/c it is too horrific.

    i personally am speechless and heartbroken.

    1. Janet there is something the USA can do, it is called gun control. I heard a pro gun person suggest that if the principal had a semi automatic weapon then she would have been able to stop the attack. Really, a principal of a primary school requires a military weapon to do their job? Until the rest of the USA of stands up to the madness of the gun lobby, the slaughter of the innocence will continue. Don't mean to sound like I am attacking you, as I know you are a peacable person, but really and truly the answer is very simple and clear.

    2. I'm with Claire.

      Janet, you are one of the most serene, most level-headed people on the Internet, but there are an awful lot of oddballs and unbalanced souls out there. They don't have the intelligence or the maturity to respect guns. So many people (not you, mind) argue that it's the individuals' faults - that they're mentally unstable to begin with - and of course that's true. But when they also have easy access to semi-automatic weapons, then their mental issues become ours.

      I grew up in the countryside and learned to shoot when I was 5, but I'm vehemently against guns now. Unfortunately, my partner (who shoots competitively) lobbies for them as part of his job and this latest massacre has caused heated debates in our household.

      Anyway, back to glamour and fashion now! We know you and Miss FF are as heartbroken by the tragedy as the rest of us. xx

  7. That orange dress is so pretty! And I love that turquoise necklace!

  8. FF,
    So horrible about this school shooting, and all of the shootings that occur all too often in my country.

    My step daughter is a teacher at a school in not so perfect a neighborhood. This school in Connecticut is in an extremely desireable neighborhood. If your kids aren't safe in their kindergarten classroom, where can they be safe?!!!

  9. Your dress looks lovely and I like your tablecloth with the lemons, is it French? I like your shoes too.

    The shootings were terrible. I heard it's the 14th mass shooting in the US since President Obama came into office 4 years ago but I'll bet you nothing will change there regarding the right to have a gun.

  10. Just awful it doesn't bear thinking about. FF I could also cry at the state of my garden but really its not.just lack of water, we have neglected it sadly and it looks revolting.
    That dress is just lovely. I'm a bit.scared to wear thin straps these days due to my huge maternity over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders being exposed but in this weather It's tempting.

    1. I just had a giggle at the boulder holders - but totally know what you mean as I look at mine! Lilly

  11. Your orangey peach dress is a beaut and this blog just cheers me up no end.

  12. Loving all of the brights you're actioning - stunning.

    CanNOT even listen to the news. Those dear children were my beautiful son's age. It is too much to comprehend. When will America learn? Utterly devastating

  13. Love the orange dress and festive plates, I need to get some of those for myself (alas, I couldn't find the Kmart charger plates).

    I don't even know what to say about America, so awful.

  14. Such a pretty dress, and I love your Xmas plates. What a horrendous end to the year for all those families. Heartbreakingly sad.

  15. I saw a gazillion said chocs at Walmart this morning, alas that doesn't really help you.
    Went to the tree farm and got our tree today...finally! It needs some work in the tree deco department. The FF tree is inspiration.
    Merry Christmas :-)


  16. That first photo of you made me think of India. I love the hot pink, orange and turquoise colour combo. Perfect attire for hot weather. I'm rather worried about our Christmas in Adelaide, it is forecast to be 39 degrees next Sunday.

    I have seen the chocies in Woolworths in big tubs near the checkouts. Run don't walk.

    The news is so very sad, I've had to turn it off. I'm so happy to live in Australia.

  17. Christmas amplifies feelings of wanting to be together with people that you love. I miss my Dad and wish he could be here...can't believe that this is the 4th Christmas that he won't. I hope that one Christmas soon you can have a big family celebration with all of your sisters and that the memories will be fab! My heart bleeds for all of those parents who's children won't be joining them this year due to an act of senseless violence. Rx PS what do you put in your ham looks delish!

  18. You looked gorgeous and don't you love spontaneous dinner plans that work out!

    We Skyped my brother and sister-in-law in the States yesterday for my little one's 4th birthday (he was convinced they were coming to his party and they didn't disappoint!) and will talk to them again on Christmas day. Love Skype.

    The news from the US was heartbreaking. I still can't fathom what happened and why? I heard today that there are 90 guns for every 100 US citizens i.e. around 250+ million guns. Staggering.

  19. Hi FF,
    Just letting you know that my husband made your glazed ham recipe for our Christmas gathering with friends yesterday and we all agreed that we luffed it 11/10! Thank you for your inspiration as this was the first time that we had attempted a glazed ham, but it sure won't be the last.
    Love Cindy F

  20. Was that Zsa Zsa's spud salad you served? Would ZZ be so kind as to share the recipe with us?


  21. By the way, my previous comment was such a trivial one, because when it comes to the event you refer to I cannot even go there.


  22. I nearly bought that dress the other day to go with my Cicadas necklace!! But didn't at the last moment as have no boobs to put in it. Looks much better on you! Thank god for Skype but it is so hard being apart from sisters.

    Sorry couldn't catch up on weekend was all aches and pains and exhausted. I missed Judd's special zoo day too :(
    I refused to watch the news all weekend, can't bear to see it all happening over and over. L xx

  23. Hi FF,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've read all your posts with your fabulous glazed ham recipe and have got the core ingredients. However, the accountant in me requires measurements. Could you advise what amounts of the ingredients you use in your glaze? I'm contributing a glazed ham to the family Christmas lunch and would like to try my hand at yours.

    Many thanks,


    1. Mya - if you google Faux Fuschia Glazed Ham you will be able to locate it that way. - Cindy F.

    2. Hi Cindy F,

      Thank you, I have list of the ingredients:

      ginger ale
      dijon mustard
      ginger marmalade
      brown sugar

      Just need some advice about the measurements for each ingredient. I've searched all of FF's post where she's mentioned glazed ham.

      If anyone can assist, I'd be most appreciative.


    3. Disregard the above, found it :)!

      A little more persistance was required by me.


    4. I make up the measurements! It depends on the ham size. Sometimes I use 1.5 cups of brown sugar and about 1/2 cup of mustard (dijon) I leave out the gingerale these days and the marmelade is optional! As long as it has the consistancy of say thick cramel sauce it will work! You don't want it too liquid!

  24. My niece is a primary teacher in Connecticut I couldn't rest until I knew she was safe, all I can think about are those poor families and the grief they must be going though. Utterly senseless and mindless. I just don't understand.

    On a lighter note (still its worrying) my local Woolies here on Sydneys north shore also stopped stocking the cherry liqueur choccies. Lucky I found a stockpile at our sleeply seaside weekender woolies down south. I bought up big. Have considerable backup supply if you need some let me know. Is it some kind of a metro supply chain failure?????

    I always love the pic of your meandering garden pebble path. I think of you lugging those pebbles with your bare hands. Today I'm laughing at mental pic of you doing it in strapless frock and shocking pink lou's. Too funny.

  25. Dear FF, I cannot bear to think of any child being maliciously and intentionally hurt in any cuts me to my very core.

  26. Now I want a cherry liquor chocolate too!
    I don't think I have seen them around this year either.
    Maybe Aldi would have some? Last time I was there they seemed to have hundreds of different Christmas chocolate.

    It is hard being away from family at Christmas isn't it? Especially sisters...I miss mine!

    And I love that orange dress!

  27. FF - Love the gardening attire - so chic!

    We are, of course, all sickened with grief here in the US after the tragic events in Connecticut. However, I would ask that those of you who live in Australia keep in mind that gun control is not so simple an issue for people in the US as it may seem to those who are on the other side of the issue. The right to bear arms is deeply engrained in our country's political identity, including being connected to a sense of independence, self reliance, and the ability to overthrow an abusive government (remember, our belief that the British government was abusive was what precipitated this constitutional amendment in the first place). I am not a gun owner, and I certainly believe that ALL issues, including gun ownership, which contribute to such horrific events should be examined, but please remember that it is not so trite an issue as you make it seem.

    1. Times change. Australia and the US both started out in life as British colonies; Australia perhaps even less auspiciously, as a penal colony. You overthrew the Brits by revolution and perhaps they learned the lesson because our independence was achieved by democratic and legal means. But we had a kind of small scale wild west too with bushrangers -indeed one of our favourite unofficial national heroes was a gun toting criminal, a rebel and bushranger called Ned Kelly. But even so, while there are a few adherents of the NRA in this country, Australians have never had a gun culture or a belief that ordinary citizens should have the right to bear arms.
      However it took a horrific massacre in this country for the Australian Government to draft and pass gun control legislation. The great majority of Australians would probably say that was the best single piece of legislation passed by that Government and the best action by that Prime Minister.
      Unless Americans are prepared to stop living in the past as regards gun control and the "Right to bear arms" you will be doomed to
      suffer many many more horrific events. Surely people of good will and determination can work together to defeat the gun lobby. Just think how many lives will be saved. I've heard some Americans try to explain it by saying "bad things happen". Yes they do. But you can minimise the risk and magnitude by gun control. Worthwhile things are rarely easy - gun control will be difficult to achieve, we understand that. But what is the alternative? Innocent people will be doomed to re-live tragedies like this if you do nothing.


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