Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Swanning About the Traps

 I love Swanning about the Traps. And now I have a Christmas decoration to match. My friend L found it for me! I met her at Anouk today.
 This was her.  She was wearing what can only be described as a Superior caftan and accessories.
 I was spotted by some Fellow Bloggers. Hello Jenny and Brismod!! Thank God my polish wasn't (crosses self) chipped.  I used to make sure I looked ok in public in case I ran into any ex boyfriends but these days it could be Anyone. You can read all about our meeting here. It's very funny- you will laugh like all get out!
 Can't decide what to frock up in for my return to ye olde Coalface.
 It's Frugal February tomorrow so today I Lived on the Edge Financially and bought this "Joy" Bamford candle. It was 40% off and it smells gorgeous.
 I visited my friend M's ("Endodontist to the Stars") home to see her divine renovation (Stunning). If she ever finds this orange door missing she'll know who stole it (Me).
 Had a soothing pho and salad for lunch at West End.All the Big Names came:

 Prepare yourselves Emotionally, because I wore what can only be described as a Maxi Frock. Got it from Miss Henry next to Olive Home and luff it 11/10. Who doesn't love a chevron print arrangement?

 Got the sudden urge to give the FF garden a Good Hard Prune. So soothing and calming. It was Out Of Control what with all the Hardcore Rain and Neglect and General Old Testament Conditions in which it grows. I'm Old School and use those manual hedge trimmer shears but I'm thinking of upgrading to electrical. For speed and ease. Thoughts?

 Mum's coming up tonight. Goody.

 Have you turned your mind to the Queen's Jubilee? We'll have to plan something nice and celebratory.
 I looked back to see what I wore when I was last at the Coalface. Talk about a Good Hair Day (none of them in this weather). This was a heavily pregnant me frocked up in velvet Malene Birger.
Nothing says Legal Advice or Litigation like Sparkle.
 Meanwhile, Niece FF's Talents know no bounds. Look at this fabulous copy of a Henri Rousseau she's produced: 
 If you're in the market for Missoni Homewares (I'm not. Frugal Feb and all) check out gilt.com
 These are chevron-tastic. But I'm not going to lie to you. They are very 'Spensive.
I used to loathe people using "Visionary" to describe things that weren't but my new bug bear is the word "Organic" being used to describe things that are not.
My friend Lucy told me that I wouldn't be able to wear nail polish or blow dry my hair once I had a baby. Thank God she was wrong.
Enjoy your Tuesday night.

Monday, January 30, 2012

2 Vague Goals

 The rain's been bad for my hair but good for the garden. How nice is this cordyline flower? It a bit forchid-esque. But Real.

 Thank you for all your supportive return-to-ye-olde Coalface emails. I am feeling the e-luff. I don't start until later this week though. So I am savouring every second in the Fuchsiadome til then.
 My views on leopard print are well know. I'm a Fan.
 Well Dior's on the Bandwagon too. Prepare yourselves emotionally People for what you are about to see.
 I give you...Leopard Bronzer!!!!! Run Don't Walk Leopard Lovers.
 When I went on maternity leave I had 2 vague goals

 I wanted to keep the Baby alive
 And myself sane.
 So far so good.

 I actually had some other goals. I wanted new curtains in my living room. I actioned them back in about July I think. I do love a good Project.
 What are you having for dinner? I'm thinking retrolicious spag bol circa 1977.
 and maybe if I can be bothered I'll bake a chocolate pudding a la Nigella.
 This is one of my favourite baby outfits EVER. Amber bought it for me in Paris. Speaking of Old Amber she went back to Honkers on the weekend. I miss her already.

 And how cute it this singlet? The Distressed Mother made it for the Baby and it is 11/10.

Made a huge chicken curry with heavily reduced skinless chicken thighs. Talk about thrifty. Froze lots in case I have a Working Mother Curry Emergency.
This is one of my favourite books. Mum gave it to me. It has the best recipes.
Page 515 has the recipe for a cake I actioned today after heeding the Universe's Direction to Bake. I used lemons instead of oranges. I boiled 3 lemons for 2 hours and blitzed them and then added 6 eggs, 250g sugar and almond meal and baking powder and baked it for and hour at 170 (my oven is fan forced).
It smells amazing.
I'm going to be giving Frugal February a Red Hot Go. No shopping for anything except essentials and using what I have.  I Don't know how decluttering and frugality and thrift are all connected, but they just are. Who Else is doing Frugal February? What's your Plan of Attack?