Monday, February 27, 2012

100% Fuschia 100% of the Time.

Well the Leadership Showdown's come and Gone and Julia is still in Charge.
I'll miss all the drama and excellent tv coverage.

Loved watching all the Oscar Fashion. I love white sparkly things and red lippie, so this Spoke to Me:
Thought Old Gwynnie looked quite nice in this cape arrangement thingamy by Tom Ford. At first  I thought she'd had her hair cut but then I realised it was a pony. I'll never forget her Oscar speech in that pink Ralph Lauren frock back in the day (Dreaders in case you've forgotten).
This was Old School Hollywood:
This Octavia frock looked good in Real Life but doesn't photograph that well. Loved the 'do though. I didn't mind the Help but it was hardly My Week With Marilyn.
And what was with Angelina's crazy Stalk Walk to the podium and Strike a Pose Business? Anyone? Liked the dress but Girlfriend needs some Carbs Urgently. And some Sun. Come and visit Me Ang. I'll sort you out with some calories then drag you into the garden to catch some rays.
Cam's arms are muscular aren't they? Loved her diamond necklace.
Meryl looked Divine. Loved the colour, loved her hair.
And I thought Stacey looked absolutely fabulous, like a real life Barbie. I just have a spooky feeling that George might break up with her soon and it makes me sad because I love seeing her on the Red Carpet.
I wanted to love this I really did. But something held me back. She was so good as Marilyn.
Everyone dissed this Sandra dress but I thought it looked Good.
But this remains one of my All Time Favourite Oscar looks:
Wheeled out this Old chloe top the other day. Hadn't worn it since early 2010. I missed it.
 Went to West End for lunch. I do luff a vermicilli noodle salad.

 Had some brioche for breakfast. When Angelina Jolie comes to visit I'll offer her some too.

 Nothing else to report.
PS. I almost forgot. Ozesale has Essie polishes for $5 with free postage! I know. They're usually $20! It fits within the auspices of frugal Feb to purchase a few. Run Don't Walk People.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Politics of Fuchsia.

 Say what you will about me, I'm not scared to whip out a heavily discounted brightly coloured Chloe frock from Back in the Day.

 See these limes?
 Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 

 Let's action a Key Lime Pie! Apparently it's the Official Pie of Florida? Who knew?
 Just beat 4 eggs, a tin of condensed milk, 2/3 cup of cream and throw in your juice and zest of 4 limes, bake at 170 degrees for 45 minutes and you will end up with something as comforting and refreshing as this little darling:
 Or if you're going in Hard with the Carbs, you could action a sort of thinly sliced potato gratin arrangement.
You know you want to.

 Are you as fascinated by the Kevin and Julia Showdown as me? I've been glued to the news. So interesting and who knew there was so much spite.
How will it all end I wonder?
 K sent me this. Such sensible advice for us all really.

 It's the Oscars on Monday so in the last few weeks I've caught up with the Artist (3 stars) and My Week with Marilyn (5 stars) so I can be as informed as the Academy. Michelle Williams is excellent as Marilyn. But the whole cast is good. Kenneth Branagh's great as Olivier and Judi Dench is wonderful too. Run Don't Walk People.

 I luff my Luff It stamp sick.
We had a very stressful and dramatic start to the day that involved the Baby, an injury, blood and a rushed visit to the Doctor. Talk about Extreme Maternal Distress. All's well now, Thank God.
Loving all this Political Intrigue.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Fuchsia-ite Order.

The Good Thing about the word Fuchsia is that you are practically guaranteed of never ever running out of Nonsensical Blended Word Blog Titles. I know. So Handy. Meanwhile because I would never ever knowingly under accessorise I threw on this necklace today. Subtle it is not.

Don't panic. I got it way before Frugal Feb (possibly back in Spendy Sept or Naughty Nov, I mean who can remember?) from that nice Sidewalk shop that's situated conveniently across the road from Old Anouk.
Storms were forecast so I had to action what can only be described as Extreme Preventative Hair Measures with the assistance of a kilo and a half of super strong hold hairspray. It pays to be Prepared Hairwise if you are facing 100% humidity and gale force wind People.

Did you rush out and buy this book like I told you to?

The outnet was having one of those 20% off sales and I was tempted by this fetching DVF summer frock arrangement but because it's Frugal Feb, I channeled a much heavier version of Nancy Reagan in the mid 80s and Just Said No.
I also said no to this coral bangle on gilt group (it'd be too big for my wrist anyway)
And I said no to this Day Birger et Mikkelson arrangement on the outnet too.

It was easy to say no to this Marchessa bag because it was about $650 ( I know. 'Spensive as anything)
I haven't decided who these gingers are channeling yet. I'll leave it open to you, the Blog Readers.
My sister sent me these amazing glittery cutlery Christmas decs! Hooray! You can never be too prepared for your Christmas tree. Forward Planning is Key. Key I tell You.
I have bought myself 2 tiny things during Frugal Feb. One was that $7 Orly polish that was (crosses self) matte and required the extra admin of a (Cold Shiver of Fear) Top Coat. The second was this Rimmel eyeshadow from Coles at the Barracks. I was going to wear the blue polish to that fancy Mad Men party the other night but I didn't in the end. I predict blue shadow will be the Next Best Thing. Really.

 Should I action another pumpkin pie? Or is a key lime pie what I really want?
Do you luff this Helen Kaminski hat? Me too. I bought it as a pressie for Mum. Hats really suit her and I wanted to buy her a treat for doing so much for Me and of course The Baby. Is it too early to start another Devil's Work Definitive List? Maybe later in the week.